An Improved Set of Design Criteria for Slotted Liners in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Operation

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  • Slotted liners are widely used in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) wells to
    control sand production and sustain wellbore productivity. The slotted liner can provide desirable
    performance when appropriately designed. A literature review indicates a limited number of studies
    that offer design criteria specifically for SAGD wells. Moreover, past criteria seem to neglect some
    key factors, which may lead to inadequate slot design. This paper proposes a set of graphical design
    criteria for slotted liners in SAGD production wells, using prepacked sand retention testing (SRT) data.
    The SRT is designed to incorporate several essential factors that are not present in the past design
    criteria, such as slot density, steam breakthrough, and particle size distribution (PSD). The proposed
    design criteria are presented graphically for normal and aggressive conditions, where the aggressive
    condition accounts for the potential occurrence of the steam breakthrough. It is found that the upper
    bound of the design window is substantially lower for the aggressive condition due to the higher
    sand production after the steam breakthrough. The design criteria also indicate that the slotted liner
    is suitable only for the formations with low fines content.

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