The Age and Origin of Lithospheric Mantle Beneath Central Victoria Island and Parry Peninsula, Northern Canada

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    Brin, Laura Elise
  • New mineral major and trace element chemistry, bulk rock major element chemistry plus bulk rock and olivine PGE-Re-Os isotope data are presented for kimberlite-borne mantle xenoliths from Central Victoria Island, Nunavut and Parry Peninsula, Northwest Territories. The data, along with new and published mineral concentrate data from till, are used to constrain the composition, thickness and age of the lithospheric mantle beneath these two regions. Geotherms constructed from single clinopyroxene thermobarometry on xenoliths and concentrate grains confirm that the lithospheric root in both locations extends into the diamond stability field (Central Victoria Island 120-215km; Parry Peninsula = 144-185km). Although the highly refractory olivine MG-numbers of both peridotite suites and their very low bulk-rock Al contents indicate the presence of mantle keels as depleted as Archean mantle, the Re-Os and PGE data indicate that the bulk of the lithospheric mantle formed between ~ 2.3 and 1.8 Ga.

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    Spring 2016
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    Master of Science
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