Report of Discussions: Workshop on Applications of Complex Systems Science and Method to Agriculture, Rural and Environmental Issues

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  • This workshop on complex systems has a history of several years of cooperative work by four of its members. It all started with the study leave from the University of Alberta of Peter Apedaile, at the Agricultural Systems Department of INRA in France with Steven Schilizzi. Herb Freedman and Mark Solomonovitch joined in a little later, when mathematics became an important part of the research program. In 1990, the first workshop was held with the Agricultural Systems Department at Montpellier, France to address basic systems concepts. A poster presentation on dynamical systems was made in 1991 in Tokyo at the meetings of the International Association of Agricultural Economists. In 1993, some of the work was presented at the International Conference of the Society for the Advancement of Socioeconomics in New York. In 1994 a seminar was given at the University of Alberta on the ecological foundations of economic dynamics. In February 1995, a workshop was held with invited participants from the Agricultural Financial Services Corporation and Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. Several published papers ranging from theoretical models to applications precede this workshop. A list is attached. This Workshop is financed from Strategic Networking Grant #804930029 of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, authorized by the Canadian Rural Restructuring Foundation. The research is also funded in part by the Council and Statistics Canada. Funding includes grants from Kenagra Ltd., Alberta Agricultural Initiatives, Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development and the National Science and Engineering Research Council (Grant #NSERXA 4823). The award of the Arthur G. McCalla Research Professorship during 1994-5 by the University of Alberta to Leonard Apedaile is gratefully acknowledged.

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