Rainbow: Prototyping the DIOM Interoperable System

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  • Technical report TR96-32. The goal of the DIOM (Distributed Interoperable Object Model) project is the development of adaptive methodologies and toolkits for the integration and access of heterogeneous information sources in large-scale and rapidly growing network environments. The Rainbow prototype system aims at developing a toolkit based on the DIOM query mediation method to facilitate the interconnection between information consumers and information producers. The Rainbow system consists of several components which extract and collect data from disparate data repositories or information brokers/mediators and then convert this gathered information into a representation specified by the information consumer. The main services that the DIOM system provides include producer information source registration, metadata library management, query routing, query decomposition, parallel query plan generation, subquery transformation and execution, and result assembly. This thesis presents the design and implementation of Rainbow, a prototype of the DIOM adaptive query mediation methodology. | TRID-ID TR96-32

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