Les enjeux de la diversité ethnoculturelle dans les écoles francophones en Alberta

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  • This dissertation project aims to explore the difficulties faced by all the leading actors in minority francophone schools in Alberta in relation to the multiculturalism that characterizes the school community. Today, the francophone school community in Western Canada is made up of students from different linguistic and sociocultural backgrounds. Some students come from exogamous families (French-English), while others grow up in endogamous francophone families, and still others come from immigrant families. As a result, each student's francophone background varies and the cultures represented in the schools are diverse. This ethnocultural demographic shift in Franco-Albertan schools brings a cultural shift that enriches our experience, but at the same time brings integration challenges for the students. The objective of this project is to find solutions through professional development workshops and through existing literature for teachers and school leaders to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all through their professional development.

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