E.coli and bacteriophage T4: Using lytic bacteriophages to prevent tissue culture contamination

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  • Bacteria are commonly encountered cell culture contaminants. Due to the costly consequences of media contamination and the loss of research production, further research should be devoted to the prevention of contamination so time and money are not wasted. Phage have been demonstrated to prevent growth of pathogenic bacteria in food and animals, therefore this study determined how phages can be used to prevent media contamination. T4 was used to lyse contaminating E. coli bacteria, which showed as changes in OD600 levels in RPMI media. Results have demonstrated that T4 is significantly affective against growth of E.coli in RPMI media; however, not all E.coli growth was suppressed. This study provides further insight into decontamination via phage mediation in growth media.

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