Application of the Osmotic Virial Equation in Cryobiology

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  • The multisolute osmotic virial equation is the only multisolute thermodynamic solution theory that has been derived from first principles and can make predictions of multisolute solution behaviour in the absence of multisolute solution data. Other solution theories either (i) include simplifying assumptions that do not take into account the interactions between different types of solute molecules or (ii) require fitting to multisolute data to obtain empirical parameters. The osmotic virial coefficients, which are obtained from single-solute data, can be used to make predictions of multisolute solution osmolality. The osmotic virial coefficients for a range of solutes of interest in cryobiology are provided in this paper, for use with concentration units of both molality and mole fraction, along with an explanation of the background and theory necessary to implement the multisolute osmotic virial equation.

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    • R. C. Prickett, J. A.W. Elliott†, and L. E. McGann, “Application of the osmotic virial equation in cryobiology”, Cryobiology 60(1), 30-42 (2010).