Local Music in Cultural Heritage Institutions: Research from the Sounds of Home Project

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  • Cultural heritage institutions are increasingly collecting music resources that demonstrate connections to people, organizations and topics about specific local regions. The local music artifacts such as sound recordings, printed ephemera, and other forms of material culture contained in local music collections can serve as representations of the ideas and cultural norms of the communities in which they were created and provide us with insight into broader cultural formations. We believe that local music collections and their collectors are rich sources of information that can inform research that delves into broader conversations regarding the interplay between ideas of the local, national, and global in music. The librarians, archivists, and curators who are responsible for the development and management of local music collections in cultural heritage institutions have an important voice in these larger conversations; through examining their collecting practices, we can begin to better understand the role that their local music collections play in the construction of identify. This presentation discusses some key findings from the multi-year SSHRC-funded research project, Sounds of Home: Exploring Local Music Collections and Collecting in Canada, including a summary and analysis of the results of an online questionnaire distributed in 2018, initial findings from interviews conducted with local music collectors, and current experimentations with geovisualization methods to map local music collections.

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