Sundial - Indigenous ways of knowledge and knowing

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  • Through the sundial, the images tell the story of my notions of knowledge and knowing as an interpolation of the third space, shared through a Dene and Cree lens. Like the blind spot that exists within the means of the eye, the ethos of my understanding of curriculum aspects are shared through the images of the sundial. The images represent the interpolation of the third space as each identifies an epistemological, political, ideological, aesthetic, ethical, and historical inquiry that challenges the content of our current curriculum to include authentic Indigenous pedagogy. The sundial represents the methodological narrative in its 'temporal space' but as the story shifts through the sundial, it is ever changing and will do so as an ongoing element of nature, time, and place. My research will continue to explore this narrative from an Indigenous perspective drawn from my own experiences revealed through poetic and artistic elements. The emergence of a new paradigm for Indigenous curriculum involves amalgamating the current system with new data points that are interconnected with Indigenous worldviews and allow resistance to assimilative epistemologies. // Program of Study: PhD // Faculty/Department: Secondary Education // Place of creation: The image was taken of an art piece I created for EDSE 610 (Advanced Research) at the University of Alberta // Award: Semi-finalist Prize, Images of Research Competition 2017

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