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Sans Escher

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  • Sans Escher is a graphic musical score. The aesthetic and design vision behind Sans Escher is musical indeterminacy, conveyed by abstract of conventional music notation. Such a graphic score may be observed as an independent piece of artwork, or as a musical score that may be performed by any number of players consisting of any instrumentation with the option of including additional staging and spatial designs, all of which may be determined by the ensemble. Precise elements of dynamics, articulations, length of musical passages, and pitch are also up to the discretion of the ensemble or individual player. My doctoral research consists of the confluence of electronic music and improvisation, and how improvisatory methodologies are effective in representing performances of electronic music visually. Graphic scores are indispensable in visually representing unorthodox processes, gestures, sonic states, and aesthetic visions. Thus, audiences are able to make profound connections with related musical material by gaining insight into performative decisions, sonic results, and the composer’s inspiration. // Program of Study: PhD // Faculty/Department: Faculty of Arts, Department of Music // Place of Creation: Edmonton, Alberta // Award: Honourable Mention Prize, Images of Research Competition 2018

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