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Simulation of ionospheric disturbances created by Alfvén waves

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  • A two-dimensional numerical model of low-altitude auroral flux tubes has been developed for simulation of coupling between the magnetosphere and the ionosphere. The model considers a realistic ionosphere with multiple ion and neutral species, collisions, cooling and heating processes, as well as the North-South electric field due to the global azimuthal plasma convection. In the paper, a detailed description of the model is given. A representative simulation where the ionosphere is perturbed by an Alfven wave is discussed. The model demonstrates formation of intense parallel electric fields, radiation of Alfven waves by density perturbations in the convective flow, and electron and ion heating.

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    • Sydorenko, Dmytro & Rankin, Robert. (2012). Simulation of ionospheric disturbances created by Alfvén waves. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 117(A9), 1-15.
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