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Slipping Through My Fingers.jpg

Slipping Through My Fingers

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  • My research entails working with mice, collecting tissue samples, and subsequently isolating their genetic material (DNA, RNA) and protein on a daily basis. As budding researchers, we live in a competitive, fast-paced environment where we are always under pressure to deliver publishable results. However, behind every successful result, lies hundreds of failed experiments. This can be due to non-cooperative animal and cell models, failing protocols and reagents, or simply human error. This image is a glimpse of one such failure routinely faced by researchers. The intensity of the beautiful purple color is indicative of the amount of protein present in my samples. The results from this assay were to be used in a forthcoming major scheduled experiment. Unfortunately, the plate suddenly slipped from my hands, leading to not only spilling my samples but also wasting a precious chunk of time, effort, and reagents. Nevertheless, failure is a crucial element of research that teaches us resilience. A new day approaches, and we are prepared to face the next challenge.

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