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A Proposal to Investigate the Transitioning Experiences of Internationally-Educated Nurses who Attended Academic Bridging Programs in Two Canadian Provinces

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  • The proposed study aims to investigate how academic bridging programs are helping internationally-educated nurses (IENs) gain registration and transition within Canada’s health care system. The research question for this proposed study is: How do bridging programs affect the ability of IENs to transition to their new roles and responsibilities as Canadian Registered Nurses (RNs)? The proposed study will use a focused ethnographic methodology. Purposive and snowball sampling will be employed in selecting 40 participants for this study. Participant recruitment will be guided by data saturation. Participants for this study are IENs who completed a bridging program in a Canadian province, and working as RNs. After obtaining ethics approval, recruitment will be initiated through hospitals located in Edmonton, AB and Toronto, ON. Focus group or individual interviews will then be carried out using semi-structured interviews. All interviews will be audiotaped and transcribed. Data will be analyzed with the assistance of Atlas/ti version 6.2 qualitative data analysis software package. Analysis will be carried out using Roper and Shapira’s (2000) strategies, that include coding to assign descriptive labels, sorting coded material to identify patterns, identifying outliers, generalizing findings regarding the cultural world of IENs, memoing reflections about the data and formulating concepts.

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