Sentiment analysis of Twitter data to analyze the effect of COVID-19

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  • Coronavirus pandemic has caused major changes in peoples’ personal and social lives. The psychological effects have been substantial because it has affected the ways people live, work, and even socialize. It has also become major discussions on social media platforms as people showcase their opinions and the effect of the virus on their mental health particularly. This pandemic is the first of its kind as humans has never encountered anything like this virus and this is due to its airborne characteristics which leads to social distancing. Before the virus surfaced, some countries of the world were
    dealing with mental health cases, with over 40 percent of adults in the USA reported experiencing mental health challenges, including anxiety and depression. Social media has become one of the major sources of information due to information sharing on a very large scale. Peoples’ perception and emotions are also portrayed through their conversations. In this research work, the interaction and conversation of people on social media most especially Twitter as it relates with the pandemic and its effect on mental health, will be analyzed using machine learning tools and algorithms. This
    analysis will help suggest the area of concentration to medical practitioners in order to speed up the diagnosis and recovery process and reduce the mental health issues which has escalated due to the virus.

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