A Socio-Economic Evaluation of Woodland Caribou in Northwestern Saskatchewan

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  • Maintaining the abundance of wildlife and the preservation of endangered species are serious concerns to the people of Saskatchewan. In the 1991 survey \"Importance of Wildlife to Canadians\" over 80% of Saskatchewan respondents stated that these two issues are important. This same survey also found that over 40 000 Saskatchewan residents were involved in maintaining natural areas. Clearly, wildlife and natural areas preservation are important to the citizens in this province. A particular forest species, the woodland caribou, is classified as vulnerable to the effects of timber harvesting. In the Northwestern region of Saskatchewan increased forest industry activity could place local populations of this species in jeopardy. Given the degree of public interest in maintaining wildlife populations, a study was proposed to examine the socio-economic significance of this species. For completeness, this proposed study would include the cost of maintaining caribou numbers. Such a study was initiated in 1992. A survey was developed to collect information on the social and economic elements that would influence the valuation of wildlife. Contingent valuation (CV) methods were incorporated, into the survey, to estimate the value of woodland caribou. The opportunity cost of maintaining caribou numbers will be derived by determining foregone harvest volumes to industry. These cost estimates will be completed in 1993. This report will supply the descriptive results of the survey. In the future, research models will be developed to measure the value of woodland caribou to the people of Saskatchewan. A final report will include these valuation estimates and the opportunity cost associated with the identified caribou population goals. The information within these reports will assist professional managers in designing optimal management strategies for the Northwestern region of Saskatchewan.

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