Portfolio of Works: Improvisation in Performance and Compositional Process

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  • The portfolio of original works contained herein explores creative possibilities of adaptive musical score, improvisation, and chance, in new music. This investigation is carried out through the creation of three new works; two for chamber ensemble (one which includes an electroacoustic software element), and the third work for symphony orchestra. In the two works for chamber ensemble, I experiment with methods which allow performers varying degrees of freedom in the nature of their interaction with the score, and/or with other performers, while also allowing chance to partially influence the performance outcome. In one case, performers randomly shuffle their score pages for each performance, and each score page is designed to have a performer follow their own path of choice through the music. In another case, the conductor is treated like a secondary composer, and must construct the music in real-time by spontaneously assigning blocks of musical material to players on stage, while players are also occasionally removed from command of the conductor, and improvise freely by interpreting an abstract graphic score. The orchestral work primarily explores improvisation as a significant element of compositional process, but also includes brief moments of improvisation as elements of performance, such as a section of rhythmic improvisation at the end of the work, or loosely conducted moments featuring small ensembles and soloists.

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