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Absorption Experience

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  • My research explores the relationship between textile work and abstract painting. This image is a digital collage that combines several photos of me learning to block print in India. These photos are mixed with digital paint and pattern to create an image that expresses the feeling of flow created when making something by hand. I wanted to visually capture the feeling of being so completely engrossed in the process of creating something that the creation and the creator become one. Making digital collages like this is the first step in my creative process. I combine digital painting with images of textile art to make connections between the two mediums and generate new ideas. My next step involves creating large-scale physical artworks inspired by my digital collages. This involves using painted and hand-woven components to create woven paintings. Referencing the visual histories of both ‘high’ and ‘low’ art has potential to create new connections and break down barriers that limit the influence of certain work based on medium. // Program of Study: Master's // Faculty/Department: Faculty of Arts, Department of Art & Design // Place of Creation: Edmonton, Alberta // Award: Second Prize, Images of Research Competition, 2018

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