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CIHR Budget Template 1 Word

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  • This resource is a template to be used to provide formatting when writing for the Details of Financial Assistance Requested (Budget Justification) module of the CIHR Open Operating Grant Program (OOGP) application. This budget template is in a Word format and modern style with a 5 year budget justification. This template allows the user to manually input the dollar values of funds requested under the proper subheading and then insert text to justify this dollar value. As well, space for proposal title, applicant name, and year 1 budget request are also indicated in the header. Please note, subheadings and years not relevant may be deleted and rows to charts may be added to account for request of funds for more than one individual/item. Budget templates are designed to be used with the Strategic Checklist for CIHR OOGP Budgets ( which provides suggestions as to important information to include when justifying various budget items and how to best present that information.

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