Mining Positive and Negative Association Rules: An Approach for Confined Rules

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  • Technical report TR04-07. Typical association rules consider only items enumerated in transactions. Such rules are referred to as positive association rules. Negative association rules also consider the same items, but in addition consider negated items (i.e. absent from transactions). Negative association rules are useful in market-basket analysis to identify products that conflict with each other or products that complement each other. They are also very convenient for associative classifiers, classifiers that build their classification model based on association rules. Many other applications would benefit from negative association rules if it was not for the expensive process to discover them. Indeed, mining for such rules necessitates the examination of an exponentially large search space. Despite their usefulness, and while they were referred to in many publications, very few algorithms to mine them have been proposed to date. In this paper we propose an algorithm that extends the support-confidence framework with a sliding correlation coefficient threshold. In addition to finding confident positive rules that have a strong correlation, the algorithm discovers negative association rules with strong negative correlation between the antecedents and consequents. | TRID-ID TR04-07

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