Support for Document Entry in a Multimedia Database

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  • Technical report TR96-23. This Technical Report describes a document entry system that supports the automatic insertion of documents with arbitrary types into a multimedia database. The documents conform to the international standards of SGML and HyTime. This is achieved by instantiating objects in the database to represent the document components. These are persistent objects that can be queried and retrieved using a query interface. To achieve this goal, the database has to be queried dynamically to retrieve meta-information about the document structure. A generic meta type system was designed to model such meta-information. This type system consists of a number of built-in types that model the characteristics common to SGML document components. Whenever support for a new class of documents is added to the system, meta types modeling the characteristics specific to this class are dynamically generated and added to the meta type system. To insert documents conforming to this class into the database, two system components were developed: the SGML Parser and the Instance Generator. The SGML Parser validates the SGML documents to ensure database consistency. The Instance Generator instantiates the appropriate database objects to represent the document.

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