The lived experience of working as a musician with an injury

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  • Abstract. Objective: Research and clinical experience have shown that musicians are at risk of acquiring playing-related injuries. This paper explores findings from a qualitative research study examining the lived experience of professional instrumental musicians with playing-related injuries, which has thus far been missing from the performing arts health literature.
    Methodology: This study employed a phenomenological methodology influenced by vanManen to examine the lived experiences of professional musicians with playing-related injuries.
    Participants and Methods: Ten professional musicians in Ontario, Canada were interviewed about their experiences as musicians with playing-related injuries. Six of the participants later attended a focus group where preliminary findings were presented.
    Results: The findings demonstrate a need for education about risk and prevention of injuries that could be satisfied by healthcare professionals and music educators.
    Conclusions: The practice and training of healthcare professionals should include the “tactful” (van Manen) delivery of care for this important and vulnerable population.

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