C-QUEB: Canadian Questionnaire of language use and exposure in bilingual preschool-aged children

  • C-QUEB: Questionnaire sur l’utilisation et exposition bilingue pour enfants préscolaires

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  • The C-QUEB is a questionnaire developed in our lab that aims to describe the language use and exposure of bilingual preschool-aged children. We administer this questionnaire as a structured interview with one of the child’s caregivers. The questionnaire asks about the child’s first language(s), the language(s) caregivers use with their child, the language(s) their child uses with them, and the age at which the child began to be exposed to each language. The age when significant exposure begins is framed as when children were regularly exposed to the language by a formative adult, thus passive exposure through TV was not sufficient. Caregiver are asked to estimate the amount of exposure their child currently received in each language on an average weekday and weekend day and to do so across the child's different contexts (e.g., home, daycare, school) and different caregivers (e.g., mother, father, babysitters, daycare workers). We standardized the duration of a day to reflect a 12-hour day. We have developed a worksheet to guide the calculation of the duration of exposure to each language and the current language exposure. While we capture exposure from siblings, we have not used this information in the calculation of exposure to each language by significant adults. This questionnaire could be adapted to school-aged children by including questions about language use with peers and in community activities (e.g., sports, clubs, etc.).

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