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Developing educational resources to support iPad use in speech-language pathology

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  • The iPad is a relatively new technological device with many features that make it a useful tool for speech and language assessment and intervention. As iPads are becoming more prevalent in settings where speech and language services occur, and little evidence exists to guide their effective use, creation of educational resources to support effective iPad use is important. In order to provide a broad audience with accessible educational resources, an online repository of application descriptions, individual application ratings, and instructional videos was developed. This project, a collaboration between the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services, was a continuation of research previously undertaken by students and an instructor in the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology, and served as the resource development component of a larger project carried out by the same instructor and current students of the program. Forty-nine applications were reviewed with a list of Best Practice Principles resulting from previous research; these principles served as guidelines for the development of a new application rating scale that was completed for each application. Brief application descriptions were written, and included each application’s intended audience, strengths and weaknesses, and potential uses in intervention. Of the 49 reviewed, 20 of the highest scoring applications were featured in short videos. These videos illustrate how each application works, and highlight how applications can be individualized in order to meet each client’s unique needs. These descriptions, ratings, and videos were posted on the University of Alberta’s Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology website, iPad Research and Resources page, which can be accessed at: communication-sciences-and-disorders/ ipad-resources

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