Development of a Digital Information Platform to Enhance Usability and Accessibility for Immigrant Women Who Have Experienced a Miscarriage

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  • Miscarriage is the most common pregnancy complication affecting one in four pregnancies. The loss of a baby can seriously impact women's physical and mental health, leading to traumatic disorders such as anxiety, depression, anger, self-blame, and self-harm. Women who receive support after their miscarriage are more likely to manage their mental health well. Despite this, research shows many women do not have access to the support they need after a miscarriage. Immigrant women have more difficulties accessing support due to communication barriers, cultural barriers, differences in their religion compared to their host country, and living far from family and support networks. The objective of this thesis project is to investigate the areas where immigrant women lack support and determine how the design of a digital platform can provide this support helping to improve women's well-being after a miscarriage.
    Semi-structured interviews were conducted with experts in the fields of obstetrics/gynecology, psychology, grief counselling, and user experience design to better understand 1) The challenges women experience after having a miscarriage, 2) How immigrants' experience with miscarriage is different from the Canadian experience, and 3) How the design of an application could help women better manage their health physically and mentally after having a miscarriage. In addition, a co-design session with experts was held to find the design solutions and recommendations for creating a digital platform. Lastly, the data analysis from the interviews, analysis of existing miscarriage applications, co-design session with experts and literature review were employed to develop a mobile application called Miscarriage Corner. The application aims to support immigrant women through their healing journey after a miscarriage. This thesis project explores the potential benefits of employing technology to improve the accessibility and usability of a mobile application to provide a support system for immigrant women who have had a miscarriage.

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