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Words That Start With E and Other Reasons for Librarians to Fight Climate Change and Climate Change Denial

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  • Ecology, economy, equity. Exemplars, educators, enablers. Librarianship centres around the values of community-building, access to information, and advocating for the public good, and so librarians are poised to be leaders when it comes to environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices and policies. Our commitment to intellectual freedom demands that we ensure facts about climate change reach the public, while social responsibility asks that we consider the harm that can be done by the spread of disinformation like climate change denial—the kind of harm that has led to the devastating, irreversible circumstances we’re in today. To ensure there will continue to be a community for libraries to serve, librarians must allow sustainability to underpin all their choices, especially with regard to educating the public, devaluing disinformation, and advocating for concrete collective action.

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