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The Mind Beyond Itself

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  • Introduction: Individualism is a view about how mental states are taxonomized, classified, or typed and, it has been claimed (by, e.g., Stich, 1983; Fodor, 1980), that individualism constrains the cognitive sciences. Individualists draw a contrast between the psychological states of individuals and their physical and social environments. Psychological states are not just \"in the head\" but the distinction between what is inside the head and what is outside of it is of taxonomic and explanatory significance for cognitive science. Individualism is thus sometimes called \"internalism,\" and its denial \"externalism.\"

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    • Wilson, R.A. (2000). The Mind Beyond Itself. In D. Sperber (Ed.), Metarepresentations: A Multidisciplinary Perspective (pp. 31-52). New York: Oxford University Press.
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