The Strengths, Hope and Resourcefulness Program for School Mental Health

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  • Teaching is a complex and demanding profession, with many teachers experiencing high stress and burnout (Gray, Wilcox, & Nordstokke, 2017). Teacher well-being is essential in creating a positive learning community. As highlighted in Alberta’s new Teaching Quality Standard, teachers play a central role in supporting children’s development, including mental health, learning, and emerging citizenship (Alberta Education, 2018). Hope is “a process of anticipation that involves the interaction of thinking, acting, feeling, and relating, and is directed toward a future fulfillment that is personally meaningful”. (Stephenson, 1991, p. 1459). Hope serves as an essential and sustaining factor when facing difficult and stressful workplace conditions (Flesaker & Larsen, 2010; Snyder, 2005), and is especially necessary in overcoming difficulties and challenges in an educational context (Nolan & Stitzlein, 2011). Further, hope is linked with both academic success and overall wellbeing in children (Pedrotti, 2018).

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