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Histories of Humanities Computing

John B. Smith Archive - Periods and Themes Bundle 3 (1984-1995) Open Access


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John B. Smith
Additional contributors
cognitive grammars
Intelligent Search of Full-Text Databases
collective intelligence
history of digital humanities
automated protocol recording and analysis
John B. Smith
query reformulation
technical and professional writing
artifact-based collaboration system
A Strategic Method for Writing
computer-supported cooperative work
digital humanities
cognitive-based / theory-based systems
cognitive modes
WE writing environment
humanities computing
Type of item
Research Material
A bundle of the works of John B. Smith corresponding to the period of 1984-1995, provided by John B. Smith from his personal collection. In this period, Smith transitioned to The University of North Carolina with a continuing appointment as a faculty member in Computer Science. His research at this time shifted to computer-supported collaborative work and theory, computer-based cognitive strategies and systems for knowledge construction, and hypertext. Smith served as co-chair for two major conferences during this appointment, Hypertext '87 and CSCW '92. He was particularly interested in understanding writers' cognitive strategies and developing tools to analyze them.
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Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 Unported

Citation for previous publication
Smith, J.B.; Weiss, S.F.; & Ferguson, G.J. (1987), "A Hypertext Writing Environment and its Cognitive Basis," Proceedings of 1987 ACM International Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, pp. 195-214. Revised version published in special issue of Information Processing and Management. Smith, J.B; & Smith, C.F, (1987), A Strategic Method for Writing, Chapel Hill: Online Document. Smith, J.B.; & Weiss, S.F. (1987), "Formatting Texts Accessed Randomly," Software: Practice and Experience, 17, 1, 5-16. Smith, J.B.; Weiss, S.F.; & Ferguson, G.J. (1987), "MicroARRAS: An Advanceed Full-Text Retrieval and Analysis System," Proceedings of SIGIR 1987, pp. 187-195. Smith, J.B.; Weiss, S.F.; Ferguson, G.J.; Bolter, J.D.; Lansman, M.; & Beard, D.V. (1987), "WE: A Writing Environment for Professionals," Proceedings of National Computer Conference '87, Reston, VA: AFIPS Press, pp. 725-736. Gauch, S.; & Smith, J.B. (1988), "Intelligent Search of Full-Text Databases," Proceedings of RIAO '88, Cambridge, MA: MIT, pp. 167-171. Revised version published as "An Expert System for Searching in Full-Text," Information Processing and Management, 25, 3, pp. 253-263. Shan, Y-P; & Thorn, J. (1988), WE User Manual, Chapel Hill: Department of Computer Science, 63 pages. Smith, J.B.; & Weiss, S.F. (1988), "Hypertext," Communications of the ACM, 31, 7 (July), 816-819. Gauch, S.; & Smith, J.B. (1989), "Query Reformulation Strategies for an Intelligent Search Intermediary," Proceedings of Annual AI Systems in Government Conference, Washington, DC. Smith, J.B.; & Lansman, M. (1989), "A Cognitive Basis for a Computer Writing Environment," In B.K. Britton & S.M. Glynn (Eds.), Computer Writing Aids: Theory, Reserach, & Practice, Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum, 17-56. Schuler, W.; & Smith, J.B., (1990), "Author's Argumentation Assistant (AAA): A Hypertext-Based Authoring Tool for Argumentative Texts," Proceedings of European Conference on Hypertext, Cambridge: Cambridge University press, pp. 137-151. Smith, J.B.; & Smith, C. (1990), "Writing, Thinking, Computing," Zwaan, R.A.; & Meutsch, D. (Eds.), Computer Models and Technology in Media Research, New York: Elsevier Science Publishers, 121-142. Reprinted in Poetics: Journal for Empirical Research on Literature, the Media and the Arts. Special Issue on Computer Models and Technology, 121-142. Gauch, S.; & Smith, J.B. (1991), "Search Improvement via Automatic Query Reformulation," ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 9, 3 (July), 249-280. Smith, J.B.; & Smith, F.D. (1991), "ABC: A Hypermedia System for Artifact-Based Collaboration," Proceedings of Hypertext '91, New York: ACM Press, pp 179-192. Young, F.W.; & Smith, J.B. (1991), "Towards a Structured Data Analysis Environment: A Cognition-Based Design," Computing and Graphics in Statistics, A. Buja and P.A. Tukey, eds. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1991, pp. 253-279. Jeffay, K.; Lin, J.K.; Menges, J.; Smith, F.D.; & Smith, J.B. (1992), "Architecture of the Artifact-Based Collaborations System Matrix," Proceedings of CSCW '92, New York: ACM Press, pp. 195-202. Smith, J.B.; & Lansman, M. (1992), "Designing Theory-Based Systems: A Case Study," Proceedings of CHI '92, New York: ACM Press, 479-488. Lansman, M.; Smith, J.B., and Weber, I. (1993), "Using the Writing Environment to Study Writers' Strategies," Computers and Composition, 10, 2 (April), 71-92. Shackelford, D.E., Smith, J.B.; & Smith, F.D. (1993), "The Architecture and Implementation of a Distributed Hypermedia Storage System," Proceedings of Hypertext '93, New York: ACM Press, pp, 1-13. Reprinted in Olsen, G.M.; Malone, T.W.; & Smith, J.B. (2001), Coordinatiion Theory and Collaboration Technology, Mahway, NJ: Lawreence Erlbaum Associates, pp. 391-408. Smith, J.B.; Smith, D.K.; & Kupstas, E. (1993), "Automated Protocol Analysis," Human-Computer Interaction, 8, 2 (1993), 101-145. Gauch, S.; & Smith, J.B. (1993), "An Expert System for Automatic Query Reformulation," Journal of the American Society of Information Scientists, 44, 3 (April), 124-136.
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