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Histories of Humanities Computing


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Histories of Humanities Computing

John B. Smith Archive - Periods and Themes Bundle 2 (1970-1984) Open Access


Author or creator
John B. Smith
Additional contributors
non-metric multi-dimensional scaling
thematic structure and complexity
James Joyce
John B. Smith
bibliographic systems
imagery analysis
Fourier analysis
computer-assisted literary analysis
ARRAS Literary Analysis System
Marxist criticism
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
computer criticism
formulaic structure
principal component analysis
text analysis
history of digital humanities
Shakespeare World Bibliography
factor analysis
humanities computing
text access systems
folk sermons / oral tradition
digital humanities
Type of item
Research Material
A bundle of the works of John B. Smith corresponding to the period of 1970-1984, provided by John B. Smith from his personal collection. In this period, Smith had a joint appointment at Penn State University in the English department and Computation Center. His instructional duties were a blend of English and interdisciplinary subjects. English courses included literature and composition, while the interdisciplinary courses blended science and humanities concerns in courses like Science and Human Values. Smith's contributions to the digital humanities expanded in the 1970s, in part due to his role in the Computing Center as the applications staff member focused on computers and the liberal arts. Over the course of the decade, he developed a three-course sequence on technology and methods for Liberal Arts students; in 1977, he discontinued his Computation Center appointment to teach it half-time in the College of Liberal Arts. Other notable activities include natural language processing techniques, computer-assisted of literature and oral performances, and bibliography systems and practices. He also became interested in literary critical theory, particularly in exploring it as a distinct mode of intellectual inquiry. The files provided here are a combination of PDFs scanned from original texts, with .tif versions of the relevant figures and illustrations. All originals are held by John B. Smith.
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Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 Unported

Citation for previous publication
Smith, J.B. (1971), "A Computer Analysis of Imagery in James Joyce´s A Portrait of the Arts as a Young Man," Proceedings of IFIP Congress '71, The Hague: North-Holland Publishing Co., pp 46-49. Smith, J.B. (1972), "RATS: A Middle Level Text Utility System," Computers and the Humanities, 6, 5 (May), 277-283. Smith, J.B.; & Rosenberg, B.A. (1973), "Rhythms in Speech: The Formulaic Structure of Four Fundamentalist Sermons," Computer Studies in the Humanities and Verbal Behavior, 4, 3/4, 166-173. Smith, J.B. (1973), "Some Lucubrations and Specifications for a Natural Language Analyzer," Computer Studies in the Humanities and Verbal Behavior, 4, 2 (August), 91-96. Rosenberg, B.A.; & Smith, J.B. (1974), "The Computer and the Finnish Historical-Geographical Method," with Bruce A. Rosenberg, Journal of American Folklore, 87, 344, 149-154. Smith, J.B. (1974), "Computer Generated Analogues of Mental Structures from Language Data," Proceedings of IFIP Congress '74, The Hague: North-Holland Publishing Co., pp.842-845. Smith, J.B. (1974), "Random Accessible Text System for Associative Text Analysis," SIGLASH Newsletter, (December, 1974). Smith, J.B. (1975), "Computer Studies in the Humanities: Intellectual, Educational, and Social Implications," Interdisciplinary Essays, IV (Spring), 38-46. Smith, J.B. (1975), "Image and Imagery in Joyce's Portrait: A Computer-Assisted Analysis," in S. Weintraub & P. Young, eds., Directions in Literary Criticism (Festscrift for Henry W. Sams). University Park: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 220-227. Smith, J.B. (1975), "Thematic Structure and Complexity," Style, 9, 1 (Winter), 32-54. Smith, J. B. (1976), "Encoding Literary Texts: Some Considerations," ALLC Bulletin, 4,3,190-198. Smith, J.B. (1978), "Computer Criticism," Style, 12, 4 (Fall), 326-356. Reprinted in Sedelow, W.A.; & Sedelow, S.Y., eds. (1983), Computers in Language Research 2: Trends in Linguistics, Studies and Mongraphs 19, Berlin: Mouton, pp. 25-59. Reprinted in Potter, R. G. (1989), Literary Computing and Literary Criticism, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, pp. 13-44. Meserole, H.T.; & Smith, J.B. (1980), "Shakespeare: Annotated World Bibliography for 1979," with Harrison T. Meserole, Shakespeare Quarterly, 31, 4 (Winter, 1980), 436-623 (sample). Smith, J.B. (1980), "RATSALL: A Language Analysis System for the Eighties," Style 14, 4 (Fall), 379-391. Smith, J. B. (1981), BAG/2: A Bibliographic and Grouping System for Natural Language Data, University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Computation Center, 25 pages. Smith, J.B. (1981), "Computers and Literary Theory," Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing Bulletin, 9, 3, 1-5. Meserole, H.T.; & Smith, J.B. (1982), "Shakespeare: Annotated World Bibliography for 1982," Shakespeare Quarterly, 34, 5 (Bibliography Issue, 1983), 516-784 (sample). Smith, J.B.; & Meserole, H. T. (1981), "Yet There Is Method In It," Perspectives in Computing, 1, 2 (April), 4-11. Reprinted in Butler, S.; & Stoneman, W. P. (1988), Editing, Publishing, and Computer Technology, New York, AMS Press, Inc., pp. 65-80. Smith, J.B. (1982), "Toward a Marxist Poetics," Style, 16,1 (Winter), 1-20. Smith, J.B. (1984), "ARRAS: A New Environment for Literary Analysis," Perspectives in Computing, 4, 213 (Summer/Fall), 20-31. Smith, J.B. (1985), "ARRAS and Literary Criticism," in Derval, B.; & Lenoble, M., (eds.), La Critique Littéraire et L'Ordinateur, Québec: Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec, pp. 79-93. Smith, J.B. (1985), ARRAS User's Manual, Report #85-036, Chapel Hill: Department of Computer Science, 96 pages.
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