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Environmental Impact Assessment Reports

Aurora Mine Application Open Access


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Syncrude Canada Ltd.
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Attached 19 - 3-5 - Baseline Vegetation Inventory & Productivity Assessment for Aurora Mine
Attached 11 - 2-0 - EIA Addendum to 1973 Report Summary
Attached 4 - 0-4 - Aurora Mine Utility Corridor (Roadway & Pipeline) Route Selection
Attached 14 - 3-0 - Ambient Air Quality Observations in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region
Attached 35 - 4-10 - Oil Sands Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program
Attached 2 - 0-2 - Aurora Mine Additional Information
Attached 18 - 3-4 - Hydrogeology Baseline Study Aurora Mine
Attached 32 - 4-7 - Survey of Wildlife, Including Aquatic Mammals on the Aurora Mine
Attached 33 - 4-8 - Results of Bald Eagle, Osprey & Blue Heron Nest Site Near Ft McKay
Attached 24 - 3-10 - Fort McKay Uses of Renewable Resources Proposed on Aurora Mine
Attached 12 - 2-1 - EIA Addendum to 1973 Report Volume B Bio-Physical Aspects
Attached 17 - 3-3 - Climate & Surface Water Hydrology Baseline Data for Aurora Mine
Download - 0-0 - Aurora Mine Application to AEP-EUB
Attached 22 - 3-8 - Baseline Resource Use in the Aurora Mine Enviromental Impact Assessment
Attached 9 - 1-0 - Enviromental Impact Assessment for the Aurora Mine
Attached 5 - 0-5 - Aurora Mine Part D - Intersite Product & Water Pipelines
Attached 3 - 0-3 - Aurora Mine Regional Development Udate
Attached 1 - 0-1 - Aurora Mine Project Update
Attached 26 - 4-1 - Assessment of Ground-Level Ozone Concentration in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region
Attached 8 - 0-8 - Aurora Mine Additional Supplemental Information Response
Attached 34 - 4-9 - Addendum to Aurora Mine Enviromental Program-Spring & Summer 1996 Fisheries
Attached 15 - 3-1 - Baseline Noise Survey & Noise Impact Assessment for Aurora Mine
Attached 27 - 4-2 - Sources of Atmospheric Emissions in the Athabasca Oil Sands-Report 1
Attached 7 - 0-7 - Aurora Mine Supplemental Information Response
Attached 13 - 2-2 - EIA Addendum to 1973 Report Volume C Socio-Economic Aspect
Attached 37 - 5-1 - Cree Burn Lake Archaeological Site Complex
Attached 29 - 4-4 - Pollutant Deposition on Lichens, Mosses, Wood & Soil in the Athabasca Oil Sands Area
Attached 31 - 4-6 - Wildlife Inventory of Oil Sand Leases 12, 13 & 34
Attached 6 - 0-6 - Non-Segregating Tailings 1995 NST Summary Report
Attached 23 - 3-9 - Baseline Non-Traditional Resource Use in the Aurora Mine
Attached 20 - 3-6 - Wildlife Populations & Habitat Resources for Syncrude Study Area
Attached 38 - 6-0 - A Profile of the Extended Community of Fort McKay
Attached 21 - 3-7 - Aquatic Report for Athabasca, Steepbank and Muskeg Rivers
Attached 28 - 4-3 - Meteorology Obsevations in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region Report 3
Attached 10 - 1-1 - Summary of Enviromental Impact Assessment for the Aurora Mine
Attached 36 - 5-0 - Aurora Mine Project Historical Resources Baseline Study-Final Report
Attached 16 - 3-2 - Baseline Soil Survey & Terrain Analysis for Aurora Mine
Attached 30 - 4-5 - Vegetation Types & Productivity for the Aurora Mine
Attached 25 - 4-0 - Ambient Air Quality Predictions in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region
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Canada, Alberta, Fort McMurray
The Aurora Mine is planned for development in four stages of investment in bitumen production. Each stage includes a high capacity (8000 tonnes per hour) Low Energy Extraction Process utilizing hydrotransport. The first two stages (Aurora North) share a common truck-shovel mine pit on Oil Sands Leases 10, 12 and 34. Stages three and four (Aurora South) will be similarly configured on Lease 31. In total, the four trains of extraction will yield approximately 25 million cubic metres of bitumen per year. Production from the Mildred Lake West Mine will be replaced in two stages by the first two trains of Aurora North. The first stage (2000-2002) will replace production from the north quadrant of the Mildred Lake West Mine. The second stage (2003-2007) will replace production from the south quadrant of the West Mine. The third and fourth stages will replace the Mildred Lake North Mine when it is depleted and/or will be used to provide additional bitumen for production of bitumen blends, sour blends, or sweet synthetic crude oil blends. An Environmental Impact Assessment (\"EIA\") for the Aurora Mine has been prepared by independent scientists under the overall direction of Bovar Environmental. The EIA has been prepared in accordance with the Terms of Reference established by the Director of Environmental Assessment, pursuant to Division 1 of Part II of EPEA. NOTE: This set of documents includes some prepared for Suncor's Steepbank EIA that were included in Syncrude's EIA. They are included here to provide a complete record.
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This material is provided under educational reproduction permissions included in Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development's Copyright and Disclosure Statement, see terms at This Statement requires the following identification: \"The source of the materials is Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development The use of these materials by the end user is done without any affiliation with or endorsement by the Government of Alberta. Reliance upon the end user's use of these materials is at the risk of the end user.
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