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  • Toolkit for Grant Success

    Description forthcoming.

    • Tracking Change

      Tracking Change is a multi-year research initiative funded by the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council of Canada and led by the University of Alberta, the Traditional Knowledge Steering Committee of the Mackenzie River Basin Board, the Government of the Northwest Territories and many other valued partner organizations. Over six years (2015-2022), the project will fund local and traditional knowledge research activities in the Mackenzie River basin and sister projects in the Lower Amazon and Lower Mekong River Basins, with the long term goal of strengthening the voices of subsistence fishers and Indigenous communities in the governance of major fresh water ecosystems. The project developed in recognition that river systems are important social, economic, cultural and ecological places that contribute to the well-being of communities in diverse ways. River peoples, particularly Indigenous peoples who have well developed fishing livelihoods can offer extremely valuable insights about long term (historic and current) patterns of social and ecological change and the interconnections between the health and dynamics of these river systems and that of river communities. Although based on oral traditions, this system of observation or “tracking change” is much like monitoring. Like those who live on Canada’s east and west coasts, the ability of Indigenous communities in the Mackenzie River Basin to maintain fishing as a livelihood practice is of social, economic and cultural importance to all of Canada; if this river system is not healthy, how can we be?

      • University of Alberta Celebration of Research and Innovation

        This major celebration honours the University of Alberta’s outstanding faculty, staff, and students. The Celebration recognizes the breadth of research and innovation at the University of Alberta and the scope of our contributions to Albertan and Canadian society.

        • University of Alberta Copyright Office

          The mission of the University of Alberta Copyright Office is to educate and support U of A students, faculty and staff as those issues relate to teaching and learning, research and scholarly communications, and to develop and implement best practices to promote access to information in accordance with the University’s Use of Copyright Materials Policy.

          • University of Alberta Libraries – Free Access Resources

            This community contains a variety of materials made freely accessible through the University of Alberta Libraries.

            • University of Alberta Libraries Licensed Resources

              This community contains materials licensed by the University of Alberta Libraries for the use of current faculty, staff, and students of the University of Alberta.

              • University of Alberta Library

                This community contains publications and instructional materials created by staff at the University of Alberta Library.

                • University of Alberta "Omics" Conference

                  An “Omic” research event at the University of Alberta to facilitate interactions and discussion between BIG data science research groups in Edmonton. The venue is focused on metobolomics, genomics, proteomics and other omic technologies.

                  • University of Alberta Press

                    University of Alberta Press (UAlberta Press) is a unit of the Library and Museums portfolio, reporting to the Vice-Provost (Library and Museums) and Chief Librarian. Operating since 1969, it has a reputation for publishing books that have a scholarly impact, demonstrate publishing innovation, and achieve creative distinction.

                    • University of Saskatchewan

                      University of Saskatchewan is one of the top research-intensive, medical doctoral universities in Canada, and is home to world-leading research in areas of global importance, such as water and food security and infectious diseases. We work together across disciplines and with our communities to find creative solutions to the most pressing global challenges.

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