Women and Children's Health Research Institute

The Women and Children’s Health Research Institute (WCHRI) supports research excellence dedicated to improving the health and lives of women and children. WCHRI is the only research institute in Canada to focus on both women’s and children’s health, including perinatal health.

WCHRI was founded in 2006 as the shared vision of the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services, with core funding from the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. Through the generous contributions of both foundations, WCHRI has been able to support the research excellence, training and development activities of investigators from a wide range of clinical and academic disciplines, all focusing their efforts on improving health outcomes for women and children in our province.

WCHRI is a cross-faculty and cross-disciplinary institute with over 500 academic members. WCHRI members span discovery, clinical, and applied health research fields from 13 faculties.

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