Women and Children's Health Research Institute

WCHRI catalyzes and facilitates women and children’s health research through a variety of grant programs, research infrastructure/support and strategic partnerships within the university and the broader research community.<br><br> WCHRI goals are: <br>• To facilitate basic and applied health research activities focused on women and children’s health <br>• To encourage collaborative and translational research within the university and outside (community, industry, national/international institutions) <br>• To promote training in health research with a focus on women and children <br>• To ultimately translate this knowledge for the purpose of providing the best clinical health outcomes and clinical practice guidelines <br>• To impact locally, provincially, nationally as a catalyst for research and an advocate for women and children’s health <br>• To provide a mechanism for performance accountability <br>• To be a vehicle for communication of research outcomes and to provide a unified team approach for facilitating communication and establishing representation to the public, granting agencies and authorities <br><br>To build on our achievements in women and children’s research, we continue to develop strategic initiatives dedicated to enhancing the current investment in research and leveraging new provincial and national opportunities.

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