Law, Faculty of

Research in the Faculty of Law builds on the rich tradition of research at the University of Alberta. Faculty members are involved in a wide variety of innovative scholarship, in diverse areas ranging from the running of corporations to the running of countries, from legal theory to the law of taxation, from aboriginal law to biotechnology policy. Research at the Faculty is supported by federal as well as provincial research grants and leads to varied products, including books, journal articles, policy documents, government advisory papers, consultation documents and expert testimony before Provincial Legislatures and Parliament.

Our vibrant research environment is further enriched by the presence of several interdisciplinary centres and institutes, including the Centre for Constitutional Studies, the Health Law Institute, and the Forum on Civil Justice. The Faculty is also home to the Alberta Law Reform Institute and many Faculty members have contributed their research skills to Institute projects.

In addition to being on the cutting edge of legal scholarship, research conducted by members of the Faculty of Law is relevant and influential in law reform, and policy development.

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