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  • Fall 2018

    Zhang, Lei

    Elastic modeling is essential for mechanical behavior of biopolymer spherical shells [such as ultrasound contrast agents (UCAs), spherical viruses and enzymes] characterized by high structural heterogeneity and geometric imperfection. The effects of structural heterogeneity and geometric...

  • Fall 2014

    Jin, MingZhao

    Three important mechanical behaviors of microtubules in vivo, i.e., buckling, vibration and splitting are investigated with especial focus on their relevance to biological functions of microtubules. To study the vibration and buckling of a microtubule, we model a microtubule as an elastic beam...

  • Fall 2015

    Chanda, Sourayon

    The effective layout of pipelines for mass transportation of oil/gas is a major area of research in the present world. Due to fracture of pipelines, long-lasting and catastrophic hazards may be initiated. Hence, study of dynamic fracture of pipeline steel (PS) is a major research topic in...

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