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  • 1973

    Newman, John

    In Section 1 I shall attempt to demonstrate how the need for a transformational rule, Tuni, uniting features under an NP node, rises in a transformational grammar containing a certain type of deletion transformation. Tuni will be investigated further (formally in Section 2, informally in Section...

  • 1999

    Beck, David

    A definition lexical classes is proposed based on the mapping between the prototypical semantic and the unmarked syntactic properties of nouns and verbs which at once captures cross-linguistic generalizations made by previous authors and at the same time explains the typological variation shown...

  • 2000

    Beck, David

    Individual members of the Totonacan family - a group of at least four languages spoken in East Central Mexico - have been claimed to either lack adjectives or to have only a restricted, closed class of adjectives, words expressing property concepts belonging to the class ofnoun. The basisfor this...

  • 1999

    Koslicki, Kathrin

    Introduction: Along with many other languages, English has a relatively straightforward gram- matical distinction between mass-occurrences of nouns and their count- occurrences. To illustrate, consider the distinction between the role of ‘hair’ in (1) and (2): ~1! There is hair in my soup. (2)...

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