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  • 2002

    Gong, Minglun, Yang, Herb

    Technical report TR02-08. Previous image-based rendering approaches rely on either accurate three-dimensional geo-metric information or dense image samples. It is, therefore, hard to render a complex real scene due to the difficulties of the following two problems: (1) how to model and represent...

  • 2004

    Neilson, Daniel, Yang, Herb

    Technical report TR04-23. Precalculating irradiance for photon maps is an enhancement to the photon mapping method that was proposed by Christensen to reduce redundant irradiance calculations during rendering. In this enhancement, irradiance values are precalculated at the location of photons in...

  • 2005

    Yang, Herb, Qin, Xuejie

    Technical report TR05-26. Since the paper was published in SIGGRAPH 2003, the Graphcut Textures has become a popular and important technique for both static and dynamic image texture synthesis. However, the discussion on the theoretic side of the Graphcut Textures appears lacking with little...

  • 2006

    Qin, Xuejie, Yang, Herb

    Technical report TR06-09. This paper presents a new technique, called aura 3D textures, for generating solid textures based on input examples. Our method is fully automatic and requires no user interactions in the process. Given an input texture sample, our method first creates its aura matrix...

  • 2007

    Sauer, Danielle, Yang, Herb

    Technical report TR07-04. Music-driven character animation extracts musical features from a song and uses them to create an animation. This paper presents a system that builds a new animation directly from musical attributes, rather than simply synchronizing it to the music like similar systems....

  • 2006

    Yang, Herb, Mao, Hai

    Technical report TR06-01. In this paper, we propose a new fluid-fluid collision model for particle-based immiscible fluid animation. Our model consists of two components, namely, colli-sion detection and collision response. An interesting feature is that our model not only can prevent immiscible...

  • 2002

    Yang, Herb, Gong, Minglun

    Technical report TR02-09. Spiral texture mapping extends and combines two main categories of texture mapping approaches, namely, displacement texture mapping and view-dependent texture mapping. A spiral texture contains two components: a view-independent one and a view-dependent one. The first...

  • 2005

    Qin, Xuejie, Yang, Herb

    Technical report TR05-27. In this paper, we present a new mathematical framework for modeling texture images. Under this new framework, we prove that the Asymmetric Gray Level Aura Matrices (AGLAMs) of a given image have the necessary and sufficient information to represent the image. Using...

  • 2005

    Yang, Herb, Guan, Tong

    Technical report TR05-11. Motion similarity analysis is a critical stage for the successful reuse of motion capture data. Some previous works use one or multiple motion features, such as the difference between joint positions, joint angles, joint velocities and accelerations to capture the...

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