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  • 2013-11

    Radomski, Ashley D

    Cognitive deficits affect approximately 50% of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and are associated with disease-related neurodegeneration. Prior MS-studies found decision making impairments uncorrelated with patients’ cognitive functions. Brain correlates of decision making in MS have not been...

  • 2017-06

    Suleman, Salima

    BACKGROUND. Making one’s own decisions is an important component of autonomy and expression of one’s identity. After an individual has a stroke or other neurological injury, he or she may experience a disruption to their ability to speak, understand, read, and or write (aphasia). Furthermore,...

  • 2018-11

    Sawalha, Jeffrey

    Surprisingly, pigeons have been shown to sacrifice food rewards to get information about the upcoming outcome when making choices in a delay decision task. For instance, when choosing between an option which offers a reward 100% of the time after a delay (e.g. 10 s), versus an option that gives...

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