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  • Virtual Assistive Robots for Play, Learning and Cognitive Development
  • Wang, Mengliao
    Adams, Kim
    Encarnação, Pedro
    Cook, Albert
  • assistive robots, virtual robots, play, learning, cognitive development
  • 2011/12/05
  • Conference/workshop Presentation
  • English
  • Adobe PDF
  • 76508 bytes
  • 2011
  • RESNA Conference, Toronto
  • Previous studies have demonstrated that Lego robots can be used to enable children with motor impairments to actively participate in play and academic activities. Additionally, by appropriately designing the activities and observing children’s performance, it is possible to assess children’s cognitive skills. In this work we developed physical and virtual robot scenarios as a first step towards the evaluation if the same benefits for children could be obtained using virtual robots in a simulated environment. Our study with ten adult participants without disabilities showed that the virtual robot was easier to control than the physical one.