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  • Nanotechnology & Medical Devices: Risk, Regulation and ‘Meta’ Registration
  • Grange, S.
    Chettiar, K.
    Arestu, M.
    Pilarski, P.
    Smitham, P.
    Loizidou, M.
    Jell, G.
  • Nanotoxicity
    Nano particles
  • 2012/07/23
  • Journal Article (Draft-Submitted)
  • English
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  • Integrating data services across the life science spectrum illustrates the design and development of novel therapies in terms of Translational Research (TR) paths. The aim is to build an ‘open’ registry from multiple centres by allowing for open archiving of key characteristics of materials used in the preparation of implantable devices. The standardisation of risk assessment and the subsequent management of this information, challenges the development of new biomedical devices, especially those incorporating nanotechnology

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Jul 30, 2012 2:09 PM