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  • Polar Impact Exhibit - Power of Language
  • CCI
  • UofA, MAC
    Daveluy, Michelle
  • Inuktitut Language
    Alaska, Canada, Greenland
  • 2012/05/15
  • Research Material
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  • Alaska, Canada, Greenland
  • In the circumpolar world, language dynamics vary locally according to national circumstances. The language of the Inuit, for example, is spoken in Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. In some places, it is the language of the majority, while in others it is used by a portion of the population. Accordingly, it is the language of instruction in some education systems, but not in all where Inuit are schooled. The language of the Inuit is an inspiring example of the preservation of a cultural identity over thousands of years, as well as a remarkable expression of creativity in adapting to contemporary challenges. _- Michelle Daveluy, Associate Professor of Anthropology (2010).

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