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This collection contains publications of staff at the University of Alberta Libraries.

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  1. Can Scholarly Communication be Evidence Based?

    by Koufogiannakis, Denise


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  4. The Censorship Phenomenon in College and Research Libraries: An Investigation of the Canadian Prairie Provinces, 1980‑1985

    by Schrader, A.M.; Herring, M.; de Scossa, C.

    Although college and research libraries in North America are generally thought to be immune to censorship pressures, no impartial...

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  5. CGI PLN Canadian Government Information: LOCKSS Partner Meeting

    by Wakaruk, A

    Presentation for the LOCKSS Partner Meeting at Stanford University, September 3, 2014.

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  7. Citation Analysis: A Tool for Collection Development and Enhanced Liaison Services

    by Lacroix, Denis; Brown, Christine

    This talk addresses the use of citation analysis as a tool for understanding the complex landscape of research publishing...

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  8. Citation Analysis: Your Tool for Collection Development & Enhanced Liaison Services

    by Lacroix, Denis; Brown, Christine

    Objective:This session will explain how citation analysis can contribute to academic librarians’ understanding of the complex...

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  9. Community Tools and Best Practices for Harvesting and Preserving At-Risk Web Content

    by Wakaruk, Amanda; Lau, Kelly E.; Reed, Scott

    The archival challenges posed by the dynamic and temporal nature of the web has placed web archiving at the forefront of...

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  10. Comparative Analysis of eBook Platforms

    by Northcott, Heather; Chatterley, Trish

    Health sciences libraries are faced with ever-tightening budgets due to high inflationary costs and the introduction of new...

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  11. Confluence et interdisciplinarité: Les bénéfices de la littératie informationnelle dans l’enseignement de la traduction

    by Lacroix, Denis; Rao, Sathya

    Les bibliothèques universitaires se trouvent à la confluence des disciplines académiques en tant qu’espaces d’informations...

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  12. Considering the place of practice-based evidence within EBLIP

    by Koufogiannakis, Denise

    Presentation given at the 6th International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference, Salford, UK, June...

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  13. Considering the place of practice-based evidence within Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP)

    by Koufogiannakis, Denise

    Since its inception, the focus of evidence based library and information practice (EBLIP) has been on research evidence,...

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  14. The Constancy of the School ‘Canon’: A Survey of Texts Used in Grade 10 English Language Arts in 2006 and 1996

    by Mackey, M.; Vermeer, L.; Storie, D.; DeBlois, E.

    This article reports on a 2006 survey of texts used in Grade 10 English language arts classes in Edmonton, Alberta. The survey...

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  15. Continuing Education Certification Program now open to all LAA members

    by Campbell, Sandy; Clark, Diane; Emberley, Andrea; Sivak, Allison

    Describes the results of the Continuing Education Certification Pilot Project, undertaken on behalf of The Partnership, the...

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  17. "Criteria for Selecting Electronic Books in an Academic Library: Will we ever need to buy paper again?"

    by Campbell, Sandy

    Based on the assumption that all books will soon be available in both electronic and paper formats, selections librarians...

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  18. Crown jewel or pure evil? Wikipedia through an information literacy lens

    by Polkinghorne, Sarah; Hoffman, Cameron

    How are information literacy practitioners discussing Wikipedia? Just as important is this question: what do these discussions...

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  19. Culture, Ecology and Restoration in Jasper National Park

    by Higgs, Eric S.; Campbell, Sandy; MacLaren, Ian; Martin, Julian; Palmer, Andie; Rhemtulla, Jeanine; Martin, Tim; Murray, Carol

    The Culture, Ecology and Restoration project in Jasper National Park ran for three years with a large multidisciplinary research...

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  20. Cuttings or compost? Working with the weeding outfall of LAC and GoC

    by Wakaruk, A.

    The University of Alberta Libraries is working with the Internet Archive and other partners to digitize Government of Alberta...

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