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This collection contains publications of staff at the University of Alberta Libraries.

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  1. 1967 Summer School of Frontier Medicine: Impact on Medical Students and Indigenous Communities

    by Behn Smith, Daniele; Campbell, Sandy; Ross, Shelley

    The poorer health status of First Nations, Inuit, Métis (FN/I/M) people in Canada is unacceptable and requires urgent attention....

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  2. Academic Librarians Use Evidence for Convincing : A Qualitative Study

    by Koufogiannakis, Denise

    The objective of this study was to explore and understand how academic librarians use evidence in their professional decision...

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  3. Academic Librarians’ Conception and Use of Evidence Sources in Practice

    by Koufogiannakis, Denise

    Objective – The objective of this study was to explore and understand how academic librarians use evidence in their professional...

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  4. The Appropriateness of Hierarchies

    by Koufogiannakis, Denise


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  5. Assessment of the Research Learning Needs of University of Saskatchewan Librarians: A Case Study

    by Alvin M Schrader; Ali Shiri; Vicki Williamson

    As academic librarians with faculty status increasingly embrace research engagement as a core value and requirement, one...

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  6. A Bibliometric Study of the JEL, 1960‑1984

    by Schrader, A.M.

    This study describes and evaluates key bibliometric patterns in the articles published by the former Journal of Education...

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  9. Blended Libraries: Not-so-common Spaces in Alberta’'s Academic Libraries

    by Harder, Geoffrey; Warren, Darleen; Beatty, Susan; Watson, Anne Marie; Swabey, Alice

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  13. Bringing Users and Stuff Together

    by Law, M.; Horne, A.

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  14. Building an Undergraduate Book Approval Plan for a Large Academic Library

    by Koufogiannakis, Denise; Campbell, Sandy; Ziegler, Fred

    The University of Alberta Libraries (UAL), working with two book vendors, created large-scale undergraduate book approval...

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  15. Building capacity in systematic review searching: a pilot program using virtual mentoring

    by Fyfe, T.; Dennett, L.

    Introduction: A well thought out, comprehensive search is the foundation for all systematic review research. Consequently,...

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  16. Building Foreign Language Collections for the Communities We Serve 

    by Bennett, Mary; Johnston, Lindsay; Lacroix, Denis

    The creation and management of foreign language collections present unique challenges for librarians who serve the information...

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  17. Can Scholarly Communication be Evidence Based?

    by Koufogiannakis, Denise


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  20. The Censorship Phenomenon in College and Research Libraries: An Investigation of the Canadian Prairie Provinces, 1980‑1985

    by Schrader, A.M.; Herring, M.; de Scossa, C.

    Although college and research libraries in North America are generally thought to be immune to censorship pressures, no impartial...

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