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  1. Cannibalism in Tyrannosaurus rex

    by Longrich, N. R.; Horner, J. R.; Erickson, G. M.; Currie, P. J.

    Background: Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the largest terrestrial carnivores of all time, and consequently its ecology and...

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  2. Cardstonia tolmanii gen. et sp. nov. (Limnocharitaceae) from the Upper Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada.

    by Riley, M.G.; Stockey, R.A.

    Several new broad-leaved monocots were identified in gray siltstones and fine-grained sandstones from the Upper Cretaceous...

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  3. Cascadiacarpa spinosa gen. et sp. nov. (Fagaceae): castaneoid fruits from the Eocene of Vancouver Island, Canada

    by Mindell, R.A.; Stockey, R.A.; Beard, G.

    Documenting the paleodiversity of well-studied angiosperm families serves to broaden their circumscription while also providing...

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  4. cDNAs of cell adhesion molecules of different specificity induce changes in cell shape and border formation in cultured S180 cells

    by Matsuzaki, F.; Mege, R. M.; Jaffe, S. H.; Friedlander, D. R.; Gallin, W. J.; Goldberg, J. L.; Cunningham, B. A.; Edelman, G. M.

    Abstract. The liver cell adhesion molecule (L-CAM) and N-cadherin or adherens junction-specific CAM (A-CAM) are structurally...

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  5. Cessation of a salmon decline with control of parasites.

    by Peacock, S.J.; Krkošek, M.; Proboscsz, S.; Orr, C.; Lewis, M.A.

    The resilience of coastal social–ecological systems may depend on adaptive responses to aquaculture disease outbreaks that...

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  6. Cessation of a salmon decline with control of parasites

    by Peacock, Stephanie J.; Krkosek, Martin; Proboszcz, Stan; Orr, Craig; Lewis, Mark A.

    The resilience of coastal social-ecological systems may depend on adaptive responses to aquaculture disease outbreaks that...

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  7. Chance Establishment for Sexual, Semelparous Species: Overcoming the Allee Effect

    by Jerde, Christopher L.; Bampfylde, Caroline J.; Lewis, Mark A.

    We formalize the establishment process for a sexual, semelparous organism through the use of hierarchical probability modeling...

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  9. Characterizing vegetation structural and topographic characteristics sampled by eddy covariance within two mature aspen stands using lidar and a flux footprint model: Scaling to MODIS

    by Chasmer, L.; Kljun, N.; Hopkinson, C.; Milne, T.; Giroux, K.; Barr, A.; Devito, K.; Creed, I.; Petrone, R.

    In this study, a Boolean classification was applied using novel methods to 3-D vegetation structural and topographic attributes...

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  10. ChickVD: A sequence variation database for the chicken genome

    by Wang, J.; He, X.; Ruan, J.; Dai, M.; Chen, J.; Zhang, Y.; Hu, Y.; Ye, C.; Li, S.; Cong, L.; Fang, L.; Liu, B.; Li, S.; Wang, J.; Burt, D.; Wong, G.; Yu, J.; Yang, H.; Wang, J.

    Working in parallel with the efforts to sequence the chicken (Gallus gallus) genome, the Beijing Genomics Institute led an...

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  11. Chk1 and Wee1 kinases coordinate DNA replication, chromosome condensation and anaphase entry

    by Fasulo, B.; Koyama, C.; Yu, K.R.; Homola, E.M.; Hsieh, T.S.; Campbell, S.D.; Sullivan, W.

    Defects in DNA replication and chromosome condensation are common phenotypes in cancer cells. A link between replication...

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  12. Chronic wasting disease: on possible transmission mechanisms in deer.

    by Potapov, A.; Merrill, E.; Pybus, M.; Coltman, D.; Lewis, M.A.

    We develop a model for the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in a mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) population to assess...

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  13. Climate and competition: The effect of moving range boundaries on habitat invasibility.

    by Potapov, A.; Lewis, M.A.

    Predictions for climate change include movement of temperature isoclines up to 1000 meters per year, and this is supported...

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  14. Climate and nutrient influences on the growth of white spruce trees in the boreal forests of the Yukon

    by Boonstra, R.; Desantis, L.; Krebs, C.J.; Hik, D.S.

    The boreal forests of North America are undergoing major changes because of the direct effects of global warming and increased...

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  15. Climate Change and Fish Communities: A Conceptual Framework.

    by Tonn, W. M.

    Many autecological effects of temperature on fish are known, and fishery biologists have begun to incorporate this knowledge...

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  16. Climbing simulated vegetation to heights of ungulate hosts by larvae of Dermacentor albipictus (Acari: Ixodidae)

    by McPherson, M.; Shostak, A. W.; Samuel, W. M.

    Abstract: Larvae of winter ticks, Dermacentor albipictus (Packard), ascend vegetation in autumn and form clumps that attach...

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  17. A cluster of cytochrome P450 genes of the CYP6 family in the house fly

    by Cohen, M. B.; Feyereisen, R.

    Abstract: A cluster of genes of the CYP6 family was found in a series of overlapping lambda DASH clones from a genomic library...

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  18. Clusterin protein diversity in the primate eye.

    by Wong, P.; Pfeffer, B. A.; Bernstein, S. L.; Chambers, M. L.; Chader, G. J.; Zakeri, Z. F.; Wu, S. P.

    Purpose: The clusterin gene encodes a multi-functional protein that has been identified in different tissues, including a...

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  19. Cobbania corrugata (Lesquereux) comb. nov. (Araceae): A floating aquatic aroid from the Upper Cretaceous of western North America

    by Stockey, R.A.; Rothwell, G.W.; Johnson, K.

    The fossil record of aquatic flowering plants broadens our understanding of their former diversity and origins from terrestrial ancestors....

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  20. Combining Characters of Pteridaceae and Tree Ferns: Pterisorus Radiata gen. et sp. nov., A Permineralized Lower Cretaceous Filicalean with Radial Sori

    by Rothwell, G. W.; Stockey, R. A

    An anatomically preserved leptosporangiate filicalean that combines characters of the Pteridaceae and tree ferns has been...

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