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  1. Beardia vancouverensis gen. et sp. nov. (Juglandaceae): Permineralized fruits from the Eocene of British Columbia

    by Elliott, L.L.; Mindell, R.A.; Stockey, R.A.

    Large numbers of permineralized juglandaceous fruits were identified in calcareous nodules from the Eocene Appian Way locality...

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  2. BGI-RIS: An integrated information resource and comparative analysis workbench for rice genomics

    by Zhao, W.; Wang, J.; He, X.; Huang, X.; Jiao, Y.; Dai, M.; Wei, S.; Fu, J.; Chen, Y.; Ren. X.; Zhang, Y.; Ni, P.; Zhang, J.; Li, S.; Wang, J.; Wong, G.; Zhao, H.; Yu, J.; Yang, H.; Wang, J.

    Rice is a major food staple for the world's population and serves as a model species in cereal genome research. The Beijing...

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  3. Biodiversity and the need for habitat renewal

    by Sinclair, A. R. E.; Hik, D. S.; Schmitz, O. J.; Scudder, G. G. E.; Turpin, D. H.; Larter, N. C.

    The conservation of species requires preservation of natural habitats. Where the integrity of natural habitats has been upset,...

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  4. Biogenesis of Porin of the Outer Mitochondrial Membrane Involves an Import Pathway via Receptors and the General Import Pore of the TOM Complex

    by Krimmer, T.; Rapaport, D.; Ryan, M. T.; Meisinger, C.; Kassenbrock, K.; Blachly-Dyson, E.; Forte, M.; Douglas, M. G.; Neupert, W.; Nargang, F. E.; Pfanner, N.

    Abstract: Porin, also termed the voltage-dependent anion channel, is the most abundant protein of the mitochondrial outer...

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  5. Biology and management of North American cone-feeding Dioryctria species

    by Whitehouse, C. M.; Roe, A. D.; Strong, W. B.; Evenden, M. L.; Sperling, F. A. H.

    Abstract: Coneworms, Dioryctria Zeller (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), are destructive pests of conifers across North America,...

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  6. Biology of Caloptilia fraxinella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) on ornamental green ash, Fraxinus pennsylvanica (Oleaceae)

    by Evenden, M. L.

    Abstract: The ash leaf cone roller, Caloltilia firaxinella (Ely), is a leaf-mining moth that has recently become a significant...

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  7. The biosphere as an increasing sink for atmospheric carbon: estimates from increased nitrogen deposition

    by Schindler, D.W.; Bayley, S.E.

    Estimates of carbon uptake and storage based on global nitrogen deposition, C:N ratios for typical terrestrial ecosystems,...

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  8. Birds of a feather do not always lek together: Genetic diversity and kinship structure of Greater Sage-Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) in Alberta

    by Bush, K.L.; Aldridge, C.L.; Carpenter, J.E.; Paszowski, C.A.; Boyce, M.S.; Coltman, D.W.

    Endangered species are sensitive to the genetic effects of fragmentation, small population size, and inbreeding, so effective...

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  9. A body composition model to estimate mammalian energy stores and metabolic rates from body mass and body length, with application to polar bears

    by Molnár, Péter K.; Klanjscek, Tin; Derocher, Andrew E.; Obbard, Martyn E.; Lewis, Mark A.

    Many species experience large fluctuations in food availability and depend on energy from fat and protein stores for survival, reproduction...

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  10. Body size, age, and disease influence female reproductive performance in Choristoneura conflictana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

    by Evenden, M. L.; Lopez, M. S.; Keddie, B. A.

    Abstract: We determined the effect of body size and adult female longevity on the realized fecundity and fertility of the...

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  11. Breeding Bird Communities in Boreal Forest of Western Canada: Consequences of "Unmixing" the Mixedwoods

    by Hobson, Keith A.; Bayne, Erin

    Silvicultural practices following clearcutting in boreal forest may encourage the creation of monospecific, single-aged stands...

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  12. Breeding dispersal in female North American red squirrels

    by Berteaux, D.; Boutin, S.

    Although natal dispersal has received considerable attention from animal ecologists, the causes and consequences of breeding...

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  14. Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) Predation of Broad Whitefish (Coregonus nasus) in the Mackenzie Delta Region, Northwest Territories

    by Barker, O.E.; Derocher, A.E.

    On 2 October 2007, we observed evidence of at least one brown bear (Ursus arctos) predating and caching broad whitefish (Coregonus...

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  15. Cadmium uptake and translocation in seedlings of near isogenic lines of durum wheat that differ in grain cadmium accumulation

    by Harris, N.S.; Taylor, G.J.

    Background Cadmium (Cd) concentrations in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var durum) grain grown in North American prairie...

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  16. Caenorhabditis elegans microtubule-severing complex MEI-1/MEI-2 katanin interacts differently with two superficially redundant beta-tubulin isotypes

    by Lu, C.; Srayko, M.; Mains, P.E.

    The microtubule-severing protein complex katanin is required for a variety of important microtubule-base morphological changes...

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  17. Caenorhabditis elegans UNC-45 is a component of muscle thick filaments and colocalizes with myosin heavy chain B, but not myosin heavy chain A

    by Ao, W.; Pilgrim, D.

    Abstract: In the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, animals mutant in the gene encoding the protein product of the unc-45 gene...

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  18. Calcium Supplements in the Diet of Nestling Tree Swallows near Acid Sensitive Lakes.

    by St. Louis, V.L.; Breebaart, L.

    We quantified supplemental sources of calcium in the diet of nestling Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) near acid sensitive...

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  19. Can Sines: A family of tRNA derived retroposons specific to superfamily Canoidea

    by Coltman, D.W.; Wright, J.M.

    A repetitive element of approximately 200 bp was cloned from harbour seal (Phoca vitulina concolour) genomic DNA. The sequence...

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  20. Can the solar cycle and climate synchronize the snowshoe hare cycle in Canada? Evidence from tree rings and ice cores

    by Sinclair, A.R.; Gosline, J.M.; Holdsworth, G.; Krebs, C.J.; Boutin, S.; Smith, J.N.; Boonstra, R.; Dale, M.

    Dark marks in the rings of white spruce less than 50 yr old in Yukon, Canada, are correlated with the number of stems browsed...

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