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  1. Isolation vs. extinction in the assembly of fishes in small northern lakes

    by Magnuson, J. J.; Tonn, W. M.; Banerjee, A.; Toivonen, J.; Sanchez, O.; Rask, M.

    To evaluate the roles of extinction and isolation in predicting richness and composition of fish assemblages in small forest...

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  2. Kinetics of error detection in homologous B-family DNA polymerases

    by Hogg, M.; Cooper, W.; Reha-Krantz, L.; Wallace, S.S.

    The kinetics of forming a proper Watson–Crick base pair as well incorporating bases opposite furan, an abasic site analog,...

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  3. Landscape Ecology and Forest Management: Developing an Effective Partnership

    by Boutin, S.; Hebert, D.

    Landscape ecologists have been eager to make their research applicable to forest management. We examine how landscape ecology...

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  4. Large-scale proteome profile of the zebrafish (Danio rerio) gill for physiological and biomarker discovery studies

    by De Souza, A. G.; MacCormack, T. J.; Wang, N.; Li, L.; Goss, G. G.

    Abstract: Zebrafish are an important model in vertebrate genetics, developmental biology, physiology, and toxicology. In...

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  6. Leg size affects male mating success in Tarsonemus confusus Ewing (Prostigmata: Tarsonemidae)

    by Garga, N.; Proctor, H.; Belczewski, R.

    Legs IV of males in the family Tarsonemidae are highly modified to form thickened pincer-like appendages. Previous literature...

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  7. Leptographium piriforme sp. nov., from a Taxonomically Diverse Collection of Arthropods Collected in an Aspen-Dominated Forest in Western Canada

    by Greif, Matthew D.; Gibas, Connie Fe C.; Currah, Randolph S.

    During a survey of fungi associated with arthropods collected in a southern boreal mixedwood forest in Alberta we obtained...

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  8. Leucoloma crosbyi (Dicranaceae), a New Species Endemic to Northern Madagascar

    by LaFarge-England, Catherine

    Leucoloma crosbyi, a new species from northern Madagascar, is described, resulting from a revision of the pantropical genus....

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  9. A LexA-related protein regulates redox-sensitive expression of the cyanobacterial RNA helicase, crhR

    by Patterson-Fortin, L.M.; Colvin, K.R.; Owttrim, G.W.

    Expression of the cyanobacterial DEAD-box RNA helicase, crhR, is regulated in response to conditions, which elicit reduction...

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  10. Life History Strategies in Extreme Environments: Comparative Demography of Arctic and Alpine Ptarmigan

    by Sandercock, B. K.; Martin, K.; Hannon, S. J.

    Abstract: Arctic and alpine habitats are extreme environments characterized by short breeding seasons, cold temperatures,...

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  11. Lifetime reproductive success and composition of the home range in a large herbivore

    by Mcloughlin, P. D.; Gaillard, J. M.; Boyce, M. S.; Bonenfant, C.; Messier, F.; Duncan, P.; Delorme, D.; Van Moorter, B.; Said, S.; Klein, F.

    The relationship between individual performance and nonrandom use of habitat is fundamental to ecology; however, empirical...

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  12. Light, wind, and touch influence leaf chemistry and rates of herbivory in Apocynum cannabinum (Apocynaceae)

    by Niesenbaum, R.A.; Cahill, J.F.; Ingersoll, C.M.

    Simply visiting and manipulating plants in a way consistent with measurement in typical ecological studies influences the...

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  13. Limited effects of soil nutrient heterogeneity on populations of Abutilon theophrasti (Malvaceae)

    by Casper, B.B.; Cahill, J.F.

    An experiment was conducted to determine if spatial nutrient heterogeneity affects mean plant size or size hierarchies in...

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  14. Linking occurrence and fitness to persistence: habitat-based approach for endangered greater sage-grouse

    by Aldridge, C. L.; Boyce, M. S.

    Detailed empirical models predicting both species occurrence and fitness across a landscape are necessary to understand processes...

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  15. Local Mobile Gene Pools Rapidly Cross Species Boundaries To Create Endemicity within Global Vibrio cholerae Populations

    by Boucher, Y.; Cordero, O.X.; Takemura, A.; Hunt, D.E.; Schliep, K.; Bapteste, E.; Lopez, P.; Tarr, C.L.; Polz, M.F.

    Vibrio cholerae represents both an environmental pathogen and a widely distributed microbial species comprised of closely...

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  16. Long foraging movement of a denning tundra wolf

    by Frame, P.F.; Hik, D.S.; Cluff, H.D.; Paquet, P.C.

    Wolves (Canis lupus) on the Canadian barrens are intimately linked to migrating herds of barren-ground caribou (Rangifer...

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  17. Long term anaerobic metabolism in root tissue: Metabolic products of pyruvate metabolism

    by Good, A. G.; Muench, D. G.

    The onset of anaerobiosis in barley root tissue (Hordeum vulgare L. cv Himalaya) results in the following metabolic responses....

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  18. Longevity can buffer plant and animal populations against changing climatic variability

    by Morris, W. F.; Pfister, C. A.; Tuljapurkar, S.; Haridas, C. V.; Boggs, C. L.; Boyce, M. S.; Bruna, E. M.; Church, D. R.; Coulson, T.; Doak, D. F.; Forsyth, S.; Gaillard, J. M.; Horvitz, C. C.; Kalisz, S.; Kendall, B. E.; Knight, T. M.; Lee, C. T.; Menges, E. S.

    Both means and year-to-year variances of climate variables such as temperature and precipitation are predicted to change....

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  19. Lyme borreliosis in Canada: Biological diversity and diagnostic complexity from an entomological perspective

    by Sperling, J. L. H.; Sperling, F. A. H.

    Lyme borreliosis (LB), also known as Lyme disease, is emerging as a serious tick-borne illness across Canada. More than three...

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  20. Male oriental fruit moth response to a combined pheromone-based attracticide formulation targeting both oriental fruit moth and codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

    by Evenden, M. L.; McClaughlin, J. R.

    Abstract: Combined attracticide formulations targeting Oriental fruit moth, Grapholita molesta (Busck), and codling moth,...

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