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  1. Fish Assemblages in Subarctic Lakes: Does Fire Affect Fish–Environment Relations in Northern Alberta?

    by Tonn, W. M.; Boss, S. M.; Aku, P. K. M.; Scrimgeour, G. J.; Paszkowski, C. A.

    In 1995, a wildfire swept through a large area of the Caribou Mountains, a remote subarctic plateau of northern Alberta,...

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  2. A flax fibre proteome: identification of proteins enriched in bast fibres

    by Hotte, N.S.; Deyholos, M.K.

    Background: Bast fibres from the phloem tissues of flax are scientifically interesting and economically useful due in part...

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  3. Formation and Morphology of an Iron Plaque on the Roots of Typha latifolia L. Grown in Solution Culture.

    by Taylor, G.J.; Crowder, A.A.; Rodden, R.

    Roots of Typha latifolia L. exposed to Fe2+ under reduced conditions in solution culture developed visible coatings (plaques)...

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  4. Fossil ectomycorrhizae from the Middle Eocene

    by Lepage, B.; Currah, R.; Stockey, R.; Rothwell, G.

    Fossil ectomycorrhizae were found recently among permineralized plant remains in the middle Eocene Princeton chert of British...

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  5. Fossil ectomycorrhizae from the Middle Eocene

    by Lepage, B.; Currah, R.; Stockey, R.

    Fossil ectomycorrhizae were found recently among permineralized plant remains in the middle Eocene Princeton chert of British...

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  6. The Fossil Fungi of the Princeton Chert.

    by Lepage, B. A.; Currah, R. S.; Stockey, R. A.

    The middle Eocene Princeton chert locality in southern British Columbia, Canada, contains one of the best-preserved permineralized...

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  7. The Fossil Monocot Limnobiophyllum scutatum: Resolving the Phylogeny of Lemnaceae

    by Stockey, Ruth A.; Hoffman, Georgia L.; Rothwell, Gar W.

    More than 200 specimens of Limnobiophyllum scutatum (Dawson) Krassilov have been recovered from lacustrine claystones in...

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  8. Fossil Ophioglossales in the Paleocene of Western North America.

    by Rothwell, G.W.; Stockey, R.A.

    Vegetative and fertile frond segments of Botrychium have been recovered from Paleocene deposits of central Alberta, Canada....

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  9. Frequency of alleles conferring resistance to a Bacillus thuringiensis toxin in a Philippine population of Scirpophaga incertulas (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

    by Bentur, J. S.; Andow, D. A.; Cohen, M. B.; Romena, A. M.; Gould, F.

    Abstract: Using the F-2 screen methodology, we estimated the frequency of alleles conferring resistance to the CrylAb toxin...

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  10. Freshwater Sponges Have Functional, Sealing Epithelia with High Transepithelial Resistance and Negative Transepithelial Potential

    by Adams, E.D.M.; Goss, G.G.; Leys, S.P.

    Epithelial tissue — the sealed and polarized layer of cells that regulates transport of ions and solutes between the environment...

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  11. The Function of Feathers in Tree Swallow Nests: Insulation or Ectoparasite Barrier?

    by Stephenson, S.; Hannon, S.; Proctor, H.

    Altricial young face two significant energetic challenges in the nest: thermoregulation and stress caused by ectoparasites....

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  12. Functional interaction between phosducin-like protein 2 and cytosolic chaperonin is essential for cytoskeletal protein function and cell cycle progression

    by Stirling, P.C.; Srayko, M.; Takhar, K.S.; Pozniakovsky, A.; Hyman, A.A.; Lerou, M.R.

    The Chaperonin Containing Tcp1 (CCT) maintains cellular protein folding homeostasis in the eukaryotic cytosol by assisting...

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  13. Functional responses of coyotes and lynx to the snowshoe hare cycle

    by O'Donoghue, M.; Boutin, S.; Krebs, C. J.; Zuleta, G.; Murray, D. L.; Hofer, E. J.

    Coyotes and lynx are the two most important mammalian predators of snowshoe hares throughout much of the boreal forest. Populations...

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  14. Functions of the small proteins in the TOM complex of Neurospora crasssa

    by Sherman, E.L.; Go, N.E.; Nargang, F.E.

    The TOM (translocase of the outer mitochondrial membrane) complex of the outer mitochondrial membrane is required for the...

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  15. Gas-particle partitioning of atmospheric Hg(II) and its effect on global mercury deposition

    by Amos, H.M.; Jacob, D.J.; Holmes, C.D.; Fisher, J.A.; Wang, Q.; Yantosca, R.M.; Corbitt, E.S.; Galarneau, E.; Rutter, A.P.; Gustin, M.S.; Steffen, A.; Schauer, J.J.; Graydon, J.A.; St. Louis, V.L.; Talbot, R.W.; Edgerton, E.S.; Zhang, Y.; Sunderland, E.M.

    Atmospheric deposition represents a major input of mercury to surface environments. The phase of mercury (gas or particle)...

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  16. Gawky Is a Component of Cytoplasmic mRNA Processing Bodies Required for Early Drosophila Development

    by Schneider, M. D.; Najand, N; Chaker, S.; Pare, J. M.; Haskins, J.; Hobman, T. C.; Locker, J.; Simmonds, A. J.

    In mammalian cells, the GW182 protein localizes to cytoplasmic bodies implicated in the regulation of messenger RNA ( mRNA)...

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  17. Gene conversion in the rice genome

    by Xu, S.; Clark, T.; Zheng, H.; Vang, S.; Li, R.; Wong, G.K.S.; Wang, J.; Zheng, X.

    Background Gene conversion causes a non-reciprocal transfer of genetic information between similar sequences. Gene conversion...

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  18. Gene expression profiles during the initial phase of salt stress in rice

    by Kawasaki, S.; Borchert, C.; Deyholos, M.; Wang, H.; Brazille, S.; Kawai, K.; Galbraith, D.; Bohnert, H. J.

    Transcript regulation in response to high salinity was investigated for salt-tolerant rice (var Pokkali) with microarrays...

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  19. Gene structure of the goldfish agouti-signaling protein: A putative role in the dorsal-ventral pigment pattern of fish

    by Cerdá-Reverter, J.M.; Haitina, T.; Schioth, H.B.; Peter, R.E.

    One of the most successful chromatic adaptations in vertebrates is the dorsal-ventral pigment pattern in which the dorsal skin...

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  20. Generation, annotation, analysis and database integration of 16,500 white spruce EST clusters

    by Pavy, N.; Paule, C.; Parsons, L.; Crow, J.A.; Morency, M.J.; Cooke, J.; Johnson, J.E.

    Background: The sequencing and analysis of ESTs is for now the only practical approach for largescale gene discovery and...

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