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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

Items in Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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  1. Comparative investigation on clinical trial designs

    by Wang, Jing

    A number of interesting subjects relevant to optimality of design, cost efficiency evaluation, and the adaptive treatment...

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  2. A Comparative Study of Flowback Rate and Pressure Transient Behaviour in Multifractured Horizontal Wells

    by Abbasi, Majid A

    Tight reservoirs stimulated by multistage hydraulic fracturing are commonly characterized by analyzing the hydrocarbon production...

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  3. A comparative study of the determinants of physical activity, sedentary behaviours and dietary intake among Korean children in Korea and Canada

    by Lee, Jong Gil

    Background: The rising trends in youth physical inactivity are universal, especially among ethnic minority youth populations....

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  4. Comparative Surface Thermodynamic Analysis of New Fluid Phase Formation in Various Confining Geometries

    by Zargarzadeh, Leila

    For a pure bulk (unconfined) fluid, phase transition happens at the saturation pressure. In contrast, for a fluid inside...

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  5. Comparing the correctness of classical test theory and item response theory in evaluating the consistency and accurancy of student proficiency classifications

    by Gundula, Augustine M

    The purposes of this study were: 1) to compare the values of decision consistency (DC) and decision accuracy (DA) yielded...

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  6. Comparing XML Documents as Reference-aware Labeled Ordered Trees

    by Mikhaiel, Rimon A. E.

    XML, the Extensible Markup Language, is the standard exchange format for modern Information Systems, Service Oriented Architecture...

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    by Zhang, Xuechen

    Various analytical methods are available to analyze repeated measures data for both continuous and discrete data. In the...

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  8. Comparison of geoenvironmental properties of caustic and noncaustic oil sand fine tailings

    by Miller, Warren Gregory

    A study was conducted to evaluate the properties and processes influencing the rate and magnitude of volume decrease and...

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  9. Comparison of Manual Wheelchair Propulsion in “Real-world” and Computer Simulated Environments

    by Wu, Jiajie

    Research to help prevent or alleviate the muscle fatigue and injuries prevalent among long-term manual wheelchair users is...

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  10. Comparison of muscle tenderness and general pain sensitivity between subjects with temporomandibular disorders and concurrent neck disability and healthy subjects

    by Silveira, Anelise

    Purpose: The main objective of this study was to compare the masticatory and cervical muscle tenderness and general pain...

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  11. A comparison of neuromuscular electrical stimulation parameters on increasing corticospinal excitability

    by Hindle, Alyssa R

    In this thesis, experiments that investigated the effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) parameters on corticospinal...

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  12. A comparison of self-harming behaviours in two prevalent groups of psychiatric outpatients

    by Cristall, Maarit Hannele

    Self-harming behaviours and suicidality are a serious problem in psychiatric patients with major depressive disorder (MDD)...

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  13. Comparison of short-term skeletal and dental outcomes in Class II malocclusions treated by a combination of either Xbow or Twin-Block appliances with orthodontic brackets

    by Ehsani, Sayeh

    The objective of this study was to compare short-term treatment effects of a two-phase orthodontic treatment consisting of...

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  14. Comparison of Three Methods of Generating Robust Statistical Designs

    by Yu, Dengdeng

    This thesis deals with the problem proposed by Ye and Zhou (2007): Is a Q-optimal minimax design still symmetric if the requirement...

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  15. Comparison of tooth loss between intensity modulated and non-intensity modulated radiotherapy in head and neck cancer patients

    by Beesley, Richelle Marie

    Advanced radiotherapy (RT) systems (intensity modulated radiotherapy, IMRT) is widely used to treat head and neck cancer....

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  16. A comparison of two computer-based programs designed to improve facial expression understanding in children with autism

    by Sung, Andrew Nock-Kwan

    This randomized clinical trial compared models used to explain facial expression understanding difficulties experienced by...

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  17. Comparison of vertical scaling methods in the context of NCLB

    by Gotzmann, Andrea Julie

    Vertical scaling is the process of establishing a numerical test score scale across several age or grade levels. Given that...

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  18. Comparison theorem and its applications to finance

    by Krasin, Vladislav

    The current Thesis is devoted to comprehensive studies of comparison, or stochastic domination, theorems. It presents a combination...

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  19. Competing for managerial talent: what antitrust can tell us about antitakeover statutes

    by Mikhno, Valeriya

    This thesis looks at the antitrust implications of state antitakeover statutes. After a wave of hostile takeovers in the...

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  20. Competition between Private Label and National Brand for Differentiated Food Category: A Canadian Retail Case

    by Ying, Xiongwei

    Retailers in Canada have introduced private labels to gain vertical bargaining power over manufacturers’ national brands...

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