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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

Items in Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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  1. CO2 rock physics: a laboratory study

    by Yam, Helen

    In any geological sequestration projects, monitoring and verification are essential components in ensuring storage integrity....

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  2. Coach leadership: an analysis of leadership theory and how reflection can lead to improved coach practices

    by Klimushko, Richard

    The purpose of this study was to understand the process of leadership in coaching football as it related to my personal experiences...

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  3. Cobalt(III)-Mediated Cycloalkenyl-Alkyne Cycloaddition and Cycloexpansion Reactions

    by Chan, Bryan Chi Kit

    A comprehensive investigation of cycloalkenyl-alkyne coupling reactions mediated by cobalt(III) templates is presented. ...

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  4. Cobalt-mediated pentadienyl/alkyne [5+2] cycloaddition reactions

    by Ylijoki, Kai Erik Oskar

    A new method for the preparation of seven-membered carbocycles via cobalt-mediated [5+2] cycloaddition methodology is presented....

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  5. Code optimization and detection of script conflicts in video games

    by Yang, Yi

    Scripting languages have gained popularity in video games for specifying the interactive content in a story. Game designers...

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  6. Co-gasification of biomass with coal and oil sands coke in a drop tube furnace

    by Gao, Chen

    Chars were obtained from individual fuels and blends with different blend ratios of coal, coke and biomass in Drop Tube Furnace...

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  7. A cognitive approach to multi-verb constructions in Mandarin Chinese

    by Yin, Hui

    This dissertation addresses different kinds of Mandarin multi-verb constructions (MVCs), seeking to solve a long-standing...

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  8. Cognitive Homology: Psychological Kinds as Biological Kinds in an Evolutionary Developmental Cognitive Science

    by Murphy, Taylor S.

    In this philosophy of science thesis I develop a conceptual framework for thinking about cognitive activities by drawing...

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  9. Cognitive Impairment following Transient Ischemic Attack and Minor Stroke

    by Sivakumar, Leka

    Background: Ischemic stroke is associated with cognitive impairment, but the acute cognitive sequelae of transient ischemic...

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  10. The Cognitive Science of Reorientation

    by Dupuis, Brian A

    This work stands as an example of “synthetic methodology” in psychological research. Synthetic methodology involves building...

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  11. Cognitively-Active Speaker Normalization Based on Formant-Frequency Scaling Estimation

    by Barreda-Castanon, Santiago

    The acoustic characteristics associated with a vowel category may vary greatly when produced by different speakers. Despite...

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  12. Coke yield and transport processes in agglomerates of bitumen and solids

    by Ali, Mohamed Ali Hassan

    Agglomerate formation is a common phenomenon that can cause operating problems in the fluid coking reactor. When agglomerates...

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  13. Collaborative beamforming for wireless sensor networks

    by Ahmed, Mohammed

    Collaborative Beamforming (CB) has been introduced in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) context as a long-distance and power-efficient...

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  14. Collaborative review and analysis of science literature

    by Bayat, Samaneh

    Scientific literature is constantly being reviewed and critically analyzed by researchers, individually or collaboratively....

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  15. Collagen I: an aberrantly expressed molecule in chondrocytes or a key player in tissue stabilization and repair both in vivo and in vitro?

    by Barley, Randall Douglas Corwyn

    Extrinsic repair techniques for the treatment of acute chondral injuries continue to yield suboptimal repair. The inability...

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  16. Collateral Effects of the Media on Sex Offender Reintegration: Perceptions of Sex Offenders, Professionals, and the Lay Public

    by Corabian, Gabriela

    Sexual offending results in devastating consequences for victims and is of great concern to the public; prevention of re-offending...

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  17. Collective decision-making in decentralized multiple-robot systems: a biologically inspired approach to making up all of your minds

    by Parker, Christopher A. C.

    Decision-making is an important operation for any autonomous system. Robots in particular must observe their environment...

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  18. Colloidal Fouling of Salt Rejecting Nanofiltration Membranes: Transient Electrokinetic Model and Experimental Study

    by Mamun, Md. Abdullaha-Al-

    Membrane separation processes are widely used for separation of colloids, macromolecules, organic and ions. Among different...

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  19. Colloidal particle deposition onto charge-heterogeneous substrates

    by Rizwan, Tania

    This dissertation investigates the influence of surface heterogeneities on colloid deposition. First, deposition of colloidal...

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  20. Collusion Detection in Sequential Games

    by Mazrooei, Parisa

    Collusion is the deliberate cooperation of two or more parties to the detriment of others. While this behaviour can be highly...

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