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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

Items in Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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  1. Caffeine sensitivity in Drosophila melanogaster

    by Zhuo,Ran

    Besides being the most popular drug in the world, caffeine is an attractive tool used in research to help us answer fascinating...

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  2. Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces and complete intersections in toric varieties

    by Novoseltsev, Andrey Y

    In this thesis we report on several projects that stemmed out from an attempt to obtain an example for the last class in...

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  3. Calibrating Intuition: A Defense of Standard Philosophical Analysis

    by Jalea, Justin

    Intuition has fallen from grace. Its authority to act as a source of evidence in philosophical discourse has recently been...

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  4. Calibration of Fatigue Design Factors and Fatigue Life Reliability of Steel Highway Bridges Using WIM Databases

    by Farag, Ahmed Mostafa Tawfik

    Fatigue life assessment of steel highway bridges is crucial to maintain their safety. Researches are required to quantify...

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  5. The calm carrel: a relaxation technique for students with emotional and behavioural disorders

    by Cameron, Kent

    The present study examined the implementation of a self-management strategy, termed the calm carrel, as a potential means...

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  6. Cambrian-Ordovician successions and detrital zircon geochronology of North Wales and Nova Scotia

    by Pothier, Hayley Dawn

    The Appalachian-Caledonide Orogen resulted in the collision of Laurentia, Baltica and many peri-Gondwanan terranes, of which...

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  7. Can caffeine alter blood potassium concentration or the perception of pain and fatigue after a 1 km cycling sprint?

    by Cordingley, Dean M.

    Caffeine is used by some athletes to improve endurance performance, however, the mechanism(s) by which caffeine elicits performance...

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  8. Can Hybrid Poplar Plantations Reduce the Cost of Achieving Caribou Conservation Goals?

    by Long, Amanda

    This study investigates the role hybrid poplar may play in reducing the cost of achieving self-sustaining status in herds...

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  9. Can L-arginine Influence the Acute Hormonal, Metabolic, and Physiological Responses at Rest and Prior to Exercise?

    by Forbes, Scott C

    L-arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid and has recently been purported as ergogenic for both strength and aerobic...

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  10. Can Psychologists Identify When the Problem is Cybersex Addiction?: An Exploratory Study

    by Yassa, Easter Samir

    Clients with cybersex addiction (CSA) are a growing challenge for mental health practitioners. Therapists must be more skilled...

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  11. Canada's Beef Cattle Industry: Shocks, Cycles and Loan Guarantees

    by Twine, Edgar E

    This dissertation examines three issues crucial to the competiveness of Canada’s beef cattle industry. The first study undertakes...

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  12. Canada’s Indians (sic): (Re)racializing Canadian Sovereign Contours Through Juridical Constructions of Indianness in McIvor v. Canada

    by Kolopenuk, Jessica

    While scholarship has recognized the role that sex discrimination has played in the naming of “Indians” in Canada, one aspect...

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  13. Canada’s Non-Imperial Internationalism in Africa: Understanding Canada’s Security Policy in the AU and ECOWAS

    by Akuffo , Edward Ansah

    This study is concerned with Canada’s policy towards peace, security and development in Africa. It examines Canada’s response...

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  14. Canadian Consumers’ Preferences for Food Products Produced By Novel Technologies

    by Hosseini Matin, Anahita

    This research examines the applications of novel technologies (nanotechnology and genomics) and the public’s purchasing intentions...

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  15. Canadian newspaper coverage of the Alberta oil sands:The intractability of neoliberalism

    by Way, Laura Anne

    This dissertation examines the relationship between Canadian newspapers, the development of Alberta’s oil sands, and neoliberalism....

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  16. Canadian Public Perspective of the Canadian Psychological Association's Code of Ethics for Psychologists Principle Ranking

    by Gothjelpsen, Sheila Marie

    A professional code of ethics guides professionals in their ethical decision-making, and is also intended to protect the...

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  17. Candida and the discursive terms of undefined illness: ghostly matters, leaky bodies and the dietary taming of uncertainty

    by Overend, Alissa

    This dissertation examines the discursive terms upon which people come to understand their experiences with a yeast-related...

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    by Karisa, Brian K

    The main objective of this study was to identify genes, DNA variants and plasma metabolites associated with residual feed...

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  19. Candidate-Pathway Gene Environment Interactions on Colon and Rectal Cancer Risk and Survival: Methodological Frameworks for Interaction in Genetic Association Studies

    by Sharafeldin, Noha M

    Genetic association studies have adopted for a long time a traditional analytic approach that focuses on individual genetic...

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  20. Capacity Building for Citizenship Education: Global Hegemony and the New “Ethics of Civilization”

    by McGray, Robert G.

    The concept of capacity building has seen a swell of support in recent years. Many, varying from community-based practitioners...

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