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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

Items in Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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  1. Characteristics of Concrete Containing Fly Ash With Hg-Adsorbent

    by Mahoutian, Mehrdad

    The present study has focused on the effects of Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) in fly ash on the air-entraining admixture...

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  2. Characterization and Calculation of Fracture Toughness for High Grade Pipes

    by student, Cen Cheng

    The classical Battelle two-curve method is proved to be non-conservative in calculating the arrest fracture toughness of...

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  3. Characterization and Evaluation of Aged 20Cr32Ni1Nb Stainless Steels

    by Dewar, Matthew P

    20Cr-32Ni-1Nb stainless steel alloys are commonly used in hydrogen reformer manifolds for transporting hot hydrogen by-products...

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  4. Characterization and modification of obliquely deposited nanostructures

    by Krause, Kathleen

    The glancing angle deposition (GLAD) technique is now used by over one hundred research groups, each requiring a fundamental...

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  5. Characterization and silencing of differentially abundant proteins from Pyrenophora tritici-repentis

    by Fu, Heting

    Tan spot, caused by Pyrenophora tritici-repentis, is an important foliar disease of wheat. Three genes (stp, unp and glu)...

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  6. Characterization of a newly identified kidney Anion Exchanger 1 mutant, C479W

    by Woods, Naomi

    Anion Exchanger 1, AE1, is a membrane glycoprotein that functions as a dimer in the red blood cells (RBC) as well the kidney....

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  7. Characterization of a novel model of intestinal lipoprotein overproduction and the impact of N-3 PUFA supplementation

    by Hassanali, Zahra

    Overproduction of intestinal chylomicrons (CM) has been proposed to contribute to fasting and post-prandial (PP) dyslipidemia...

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  8. Characterization of a novel soluble CSF-1 receptor in teleost fish

    by Lund, Johanna M

    Teleosts rely on innate immunity to protect themselves from pathogens. Colony stimulating factor-1 (CSF-1) and its cognate...

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  9. Characterization of a Vibrio cholerae Type VI Secretion System Toxin/Immunity Pair

    by Miyata, Sarah, T

    Vibrio cholerae is the Gram-negative bacterium responsible for the diarrheal disease cholera. In addition to the well-characterized...

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  10. Characterization of Arf4•GDP

    by Summerfeldt, Nathan

    In this thesis, I characterized the association of Arf4•GDP with ER-Golgi intermediate compartment membranes. We confirmed...

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  11. Characterization of asphaltene molecular structures by cracking under hydrogenation conditions and prediction of the viscosity reduction from visbreaking of heavy oils

    by Rueda-Velasquez, Rosa I

    The chemical building blocks that comprise petroleum asphaltenes were determined by cracking samples under conditions that...

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  12. Characterization of Athabasca asphaltenes separated physically and chemically using small-angle X-ray scattering

    by Amundarain, Jesus

    Athabasca asphaltenes were characterized using small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) with synchrotron radiation. Two methods...

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  13. Characterization of bacteriophage receptors in the Burkholderia cepacia complex (Bcc)

    by Juárez-Lara, Gerardo R.

    Because of their ability to infect bacterial cells, bacteriophages or phages (viruses that infect and kill bacteria) show...

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  14. Characterization of Clay Minerals and Kerogen in Alberta Oil Sands Geological End Members

    by Zheng, Limin

    The high degree of variability of oil sands ores can be attributed to a mixture of different geological end members, i.e.,...

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  15. Characterization of Clay Minerals in the Athabasca Oil Sands in Water Extraction and Nonaqueous Solvent Extraction Processes

    by Hooshiar Fard, Mohammad Ali

    Production of oil from the second largest oil deposit in the world, i.e., the Alberta oil sands containing approximately...

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  16. Characterization of Clostridium spp. from “blown-pack”, chill-stored, vacuum packaged beef

    by Ho, Linda

    The objectives of this study were to determine the microbial ecology of “blown-pack” fresh beef obtained from a federally...

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  17. Characterization of copper supported on titanosilicates for room temperature H2S adsorption

    by Tavana, Aida

    Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a major contaminant of industrial gas streams. Amongst the various methods used for...

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  18. Characterization of Cox15p, a cytochrome c oxidase assembly factor and component of the eukaryotic heme A synthase

    by Rumley, Alina C.

    Cytochrome c oxidase (COX) converts oxygen to water as part of oxidative phosphorylation. Studies in yeast estimate that...

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  19. Characterization of Disability Within Design Process

    by Biswas, Afrin Anowar

    It is often assumed during product design that the product will be used by individuals who have two working eyes, ears, legs,...

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  20. Characterization of GBF1, Arfs and COPI at the ER-Golgi intermediate compartment and mitotic Golgi clusters

    by Chun, Justin

    Protein trafficking between the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and Golgi complex is regulated by the activity of ADP-ribosylation...

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